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Foudroyant Medallion - Nelson's Flagship
Blackpool Pier Medallion
1902 Coronation Medallion
Blackpool's Local History as Told on Medallions
The History of Medals and Medallions.

Historical medals and medallions, as distinct from war or military medals originated on the continent of Europe in the 15th century during the Renaissance. The British were slow to follow, but by the reign of Elizabeth I, medallions commemorating important contemporary (now historical) events started to be produced. Most recorded events factually, but others were used for propaganda, satire, and later, for advertising or souvenirs.
Many medallions were issued privately by Royal Mint employees, who were often permitted to use the machinery for their own purposes, with the frequent result that there is no official record in many cases.

Industrial Revolution
During the Industrial Revolution, when powerful coining presses and other equipment became readily available, industrialists such as Matthew Boulton were able to produce high quality medallions at economical prices. Other companies also produced inexpensive medals and many as cheap souvenirs.
Events typically marked by the issue of medallions include coronations, silver and golden jubilees, deaths, military victories, exhibitions, the opening of buildings and royal visits.

During the 19th century, many towns issued medallions for coronations, the opening of new buildings, or other important local events. These can provide important and interesting insights into contemporary history. Blackpool did not miss out on the issue of medallions, and probably considered them as an important advertising medium.

As professional numismatists, we have acquired numerous medallions over a long period of time. There are not many collectors of them, and we feel that it would be an interesting field for collectors. Perhaps one reason for the lack of collectors is the scarcity of catalogues. One recommended catalogue is:
Spink's Catalogue of British Commemorative Medals
1558 to the present day with valuations.
Author Daniel Fearon; Publisher Webb & Bower London 1984; ISBN 0-86350-029-3

The medallions we have featured on our website are not primarily offered for sale, more as a record of local history, and we consider them as part of our own private collection. We will make them available for loan to local history groups, talks, etc. We will always purchase any such medallions, but the price we pay will reflect the relatively low demand.

Featured Medallions
Medallions with local interest feature tourist attractions past and present, such as the Big Wheel, Blackpool Pier, Blackpool Tower, also coronations, and the Mayors
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