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Blue Diamond Solitaire Ring
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Coloured Diamonds

We now have a specialised website exclusively for blue diamonds, called appropriately enough
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From 15th April 2002, we will not be updating any of the blue diamond pages on this website, so please do visit our new site.

Coming Soon!
Actually they have come, and gone again. We sold out completely, but are making more just as quickly as we can source attractive blue diamonds at the right prices, but read on...
We have recently purchased a small number of fancy blue coloured diamonds, as shown on our photograph. Natural fancy coloured diamonds are very rare and expensive. These particular diamonds are enhanced or treated. If this fact puts you off owning one, then please stop to consider that every diamond has been enhanced by facetting, and most coloured gemstones are heat treated to enhance their colour. We will add a page devoted to gemstone treatments when we have more time, although we do discuss gemstone treatment on the individual gemstone pages linked to our A to Z of Gemstones section. To the best of our knowledge the treatment is permanent.

Blue Diamonds
The blue diamond pictured is a beautiful bright stone, we do not know the correct name for the nearest colour, so if anyone out there can suggest an accurate description, we would appreciate your feedback. Natural fancy blue diamonds are extremely rare and expensive. We rejected a number of other blue diamonds for various reasons, some had a sea-green overtone, others were not as bright, probably due to having slightly imperfect proportions, please read our Diamonds - Cut page if you do not know the importance of proportion. Some people might think that if they wanted a blue stone they could buy a sapphire, and they would be quite right, although this is a very unimaginative way of thinking. It would be very difficult to find a sapphire as bright and attractive as our diamond, and even if it were possible to find a sapphire as intense and as sparkly, it would be very expensive. Also, although sapphires are very hard, they are nowhere near as hard as diamonds.

Rings to Follow Soon
Diamond Solitaires
We intend initially to make a solitaire diamond ring with each of the colours we have. We could, of course, make a diamond pendant, but we tend to specialise in rings. We could always make a pendant to order.

Other Ring Designs
We considered making a number of two-stone diamond rings, with either one white and one coloured diamond, or with two matching coloured diamonds. One of the problems is that it is difficult to find a perfectly matching pair of these coloured diamonds. Some jewellers might be content with a near match, but we aim for an excellent match. One of the most attractive ideas we had was to make a number of three stone diamond rings, firstly with a coloured diamond centre, with two smaller white diamonds, alternatively with a larger white centre diamond and two matching coloured side stones. With this design, the match between the two coloured stones does not need to be quite as precise. We could of course make other designs, such as five stone diamond rings, clusters, or eternity rings. We can always make these to order, as the possible variations are almost limitless.

Ear-Rings & Pendants
Our coloured diamonds would make startling solitaire pendants or solitaire diamond ear-studs. Once again, we could always make these to order. Please be sure to allow us plenty of time, it is not quick or easy to find matching stones of the right quality and size. Because coloured diamonds, even enhanced ones, are far rarer than whitish ones, this job is even more difficult.

Fashion Leaders & Independent Spirits
Fancy coloured diamonds will only currently appeal to fashion leaders, and not to the sheeplike followers. They will also appeal to those who know their own minds and are capable of thinking for themselves. One day, maybe, coloured diamonds will become "fashionable", and then everybody and his dog will want one. By that time, we at Chard will have moved on as usual. When we say fashionable we really mean "as defined by the media", in other words hyped. It's your choice whether to be a slave or a free spirit.

Unmounted Blue Diamonds
Please contact us prior to ordering for current prices and availability
WeightShapeDescriptionClarityAvailPer Carat £Price £Price $
0.20RoundBrilliant Deep AquaP1Sold£2,050£410$525
0.30RoundBrilliant Deep AquaVSYes£2,100£615$867
0.30RoundBright Peacock BlueVSYes£2,050£615$867
0.31RoundBrilliant Deep AquaSI2Yes£2,300£715$910
0.32RoundBrilliant Deep AquaVSYes£2,100£738$1,041
0.36RoundBrilliant Deep AquaVSYes£2,100£800$1,127
0.36RoundBright Peacock BlueVSYes£2,050£738$1,041
0.39RoundBright Peacock BlueVSYes£2,050£800$1,127
0.40RoundBrilliant Deep AquaP1Yes£2,300£920$1,175
0.51RoundBrilliant Deep AquaVSSold£2,300£1,242$1,751
0.56RoundBright Peacock BlueVSSold£2,700£1,512$2,132
0.60RoundBright Peacock BlueVSYes£2,700£1,620$2,284
0.65RoundBright Peacock BlueSI2Sold£3,100£2,015$2,584
0.81RoundDeep Greenish BlueVSYes£2,825£2,288$3,226
0.84RoundPeacock BlueSI2Sold£4,050£3,402$4,347
1.00RoundPeacock BlueSI2Yes£3,650£3,650$4,650
1.09RoundSlightly Greenish Peacock BlueP1/P2Sold£3,750£4,086$5,232

Avail = Availability

Notes on Table
Diamond Weight = Diamond weight in carats.
Colour = Diamond Colour (Our Estimate)
Clarity = Diamond Clarity (Our Estimate)
RSP = Retail Selling Price (Our Estimate)

World Record High Price Per Carat Paid for Blue Diamond
Which simply demonstrates our point about blue diamonds being rare!

Pink Diamonds
Judging from the number of enquiries we get for pink diamonds, some pop star must have recently been reported as having acquired a pink diamond. If you would like a natural fancy coloured pink diamond of, say, one carat, be prepared to pay about a million pounds for it! We have recently bought a small parcel of pink diamonds of between 0.16 and 0.29 carats, and are hoping to source more soon.

Colouration of Blue Diamonds
According to one source, (Labor für Edelsteinunter-Suchungen und Gutachten - Laboratory for Gemstone - Analysis and Reports, Im Staedtle 34, FL-9490 Vaduz, Principality of Liechtenstein), "All blue-violet-gray diamonds show a distinct absorption at 415.5 which is related to N3 centers (3 Nitrogen atoms surrounding a vacancy) which are characteristic for type 1a (Ia)diamonds".
Most other sources state that all natural blue diamonds belong to diamond type 2b (IIb).
Gemlab also states:

Blue-Violet-Gray Diamonds
Diamonds of a blue hue are generally ascribed to boron as a substitutional impurity in their crystal lattice; boron causes such diamonds to be semiconductive, thus being able to conduct an electric current. This is a popular test to distinguish between natural blue and irradiated blue diamonds (but not synthetic blue diamonds, which are semiconductors as well). It is known that certain greenish blue colors occur in very rare instances naturally and that such stones owe their color to natural radiation and not to boron. Such stones are not electrically conductive. Very little is known about non conductive diamonds of a blue-gray to violet-gray hue.

Purple Diamonds

Orange Diamonds

Brown Diamonds

Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds
We recently sold the last of a small parcel of natural fancy coloured diamonds. Each was about half a carat, two out of the four sold to a retail jeweller, the other two we sold direct to their new owners. The last one was a striking orange colour.

For unmounted diamonds, please see our Unmounted Diamonds page.

For other unmounted gemstones, please see our Unmounted Gemstones page.

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