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Roman Coins and Their Values Fourth Edition by Spink
Roman Coins and Their Values
Fourth Edition by Spink
Roman Coins and their Values

Fourth Revised Edition 1988, Reprinted 2004
by David R. Sear
Publisher: Spink
First published in 1964, it has been through four revisions up to 1988.
The new fifth (millennium) edition is completely revised and expanded, and will now be in three volumes, although this was expected to be only two volumes when revision started. This was originally intended to replace the 4th edition, but now the 4th edition has been reprinted (its 14th reprint since 1988!). This is for two reasons, volume 3 of the 5th edition will probably not be published before late 2005, but also it is apparent that there will remain demand for a moderately priced single volume version even after the 5th edition is fully published. The combined prices of the 3 volumes of the 5th edition will be over £150, so the 4th edition makes an affordable alternative.
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Price £35

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