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De Britannis Below Claudius Driving Quadriga Reverse of Claudius Didrachm
"De Britannis" Below Emperor Driving Quadriga on Reverse of Roman Silver Didrachm of Claudius
Britannia on Reverse of an Antoninus Pius As
Britannia, Seated on the Reverse of an As of Antoninus Pius

The Latest 2010 Britannia One Ounce Silver Bullion Coin
2010 Britannia One Ounce Silver Bullion Coin

Britannia on British Coins
This page started out as a brief history of the figure of Britannia, mainly as she appears on British coins, but has now grown too long, and we have therefore split this page into a number of shorter sections or chapters.
  1. Roman Times
    Claudius, Hadrian Antoninus Pius & The first mention and personification of Britannia.
  2. 1672 Charles II
    The Duchess of Richmond models for the first British Britannia coins.
  3. Tin Money
    In 1684, Tin farthings were introduced, followed by halfpennies.
  4. Copper Returns
    Farthings and halfpennies were again made of copper starting in 1694 for William & Mary.
  5. The Queen Anne Farthing
    Pattern farthings dated 1714 are a famous rarity.
  6. The First Three Georges
    "Dump" issues, forgeries, and change.
  7. Tokens - Private Money
    Because of the shortage of regal small change, privately issued tokens appeared.
  8. Steam Power - Boulton & Watt
    Matthew Boulton brought the Industrial Revolution to coinage.
  9. About Turn
    Britannia turns the other cheek for George IV.
  10. Britannia Spreads Herself Around
    On half and third farthings, and groats, for Malta and elsewhere.
  11. Britannia's Holiday Travels
    To Ionia and British Guiana.
  12. Victorian Era
    The change from copper to bronze.
  13. British Trade Dollars & The East
    Issued for the Straits Settlements, Malaya, and Singapore.
  14. Standing Around for Edward VII
    Britannia stands to attention on florins.
  15. World War I
    Appearance on memorial plaques.
  16. George V
    Including 1933, the most famous penny.
  17. Edward VIII
    Patterns only.
  18. George VI
    Newly engraved design.
  19. Elizabeth II
    With decimalisation, Britannia promoted to fifty pences.
  20. Medals & Ships
    Britannia appears on medallions in various forms.
  21. The Royal Yacht
    A Royal tradition.
  22. Gold Britannia Coins
    Britannia gets her own coin named after her.
  23. Silver Britannia Coins
    And another, in Britannia silver, naturally.
  24. Platinum Britannia Coins
    And another, in Platinum.
  25. The Euro?
    Will Britannia appear on Euros?
  26. Spelling Errors in Britannia on Coins
    It may be surprising to learn that Mints can allow spelling errors to creep onto coins.
  27. Farewell Britannia?
    Gordon Brown says Uncool Britannia must go.

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