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Britannia in 1967 on the Last Pre-decimal Penny
Britannia on the The Last Pre-decimal Penny of 1967

Britannia on the Reverse of the 1969 Fifty New Pence
Britannia on the Reverse of a 1969 Decimal Fifty New Pence

Fifty Pence - No Longer New
Fifty Pence - No Longer New

Reverse of Both Sizes of 1997 Fifty Pence
Shrinking Fifty Pences in 1997 - Old & New Sizes

Britannia - The Story of Britannia on Coins

Elizabeth II
Bringing us up to the present day monarch, the pre-decimal pennies of Elizabeth II used the same designs as for George VI, and no other denominations featured Britannia. After the last penny was issued in 1967, and a proof version in the "Farewell to £sd" sets of 1970, Britannia moved to the new fifty pence coin.

Fifty New Pence
In 1969, a new coin denomination was issued in advance of decimalisation in 1971. This was a new fifty pence coin, although at first, as all the new coins, it had "New" inserted as part of its value, so that it became a "Fifty New Pence", at least from 1969 to 1981.
This brought Britannia's denomination count up to ten, or eleven if we count the "Fifty Pences" from 1982 as different from the "Fifty New Pences from the 1969 to 1981 period.
No sea or lighthouse was featured, but the lion made a re-appearance after being on safari since 1826.
The new version of Britannia for the fifty pence was designed by Christopher Ironside.

Shrinking Britannia
In 1997, the diameter of the fifty pence was reduced from 30 mms. to a new smaller size at 27.3 mms. This was part of a process of making most British coins smaller.

Britannia Part 20 - Ships & Medals the Lowest Possible Price

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