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Royal Mint Medallion Showing Britannia Moneta
Royal Mint Medallion Showing Britannia Moneta

History of British Currency' on a Silver Medallion
"History of British Currency" on a Silver Medallion

Paddle Steamer Britannia on a Silver Medallion
Paddle Steamer Britannia on a Silver Medallion

Britannia - The Story of Britannia on Coins

Britannia - Ships & Medals

Britannia Moneta
Britannia Moneta appears on the reverse of a Royal Mint medal or medallion, and a different Britannia also appears on a medallion...

History of British Currency
History of British Currency says the legend on a Silver Medallion, showing Britannia sitting, perhaps politically incorrectly, on Eire.

Paddle Steamer Britannia
In 1840, the Cunard owned Paddle Steamer Britannia pioneered regular transatlantic steamship services.
Shown here on a silver medallion issued by John Pinches medallists in about 1973 as part of "The Mountbatten Medallic History of Great Britain and the Sea"
This nautical theme brings us rather nicely to the Royal Yacht Britannia...

Britannia Part 21 - The Royal Yacht Britannia the Lowest Possible Price

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