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Wars of the Roses 1455 - 1485
Medal #27 - Wars of the Roses 1455 - 1485
Reverse of Medal #27 - Wars of the Roses 1455 - 1485
Reverse of Medal #27 - Wars of the Roses 1455 - 1485
Reverse of Medal #38 - Edward VIII 1936
Reverse of Medal #38 - Edward VIII 1936
Britannia Commemorative Society Medallions
Britannia Commemorative Society was founded in 1966, and issued silver medallions to its members. These appear to have been issued at the rate of one medallion per month at an initial price of £3.50 each. They also appear to have been issued in conjunction with The Franklin Mint.
The first series featured great or important events or people in the history and development of the United Kingdom.

Technical Specifications
DescriptionDiameterWeightFinenessSilver Content
Each Medallion44.541.20.9991.32
Complete Collection  0.999 79.2

Prices & Availability
Please contact us prior to ordering for current prices and availability.
No.SubjectSculptorAvailabilityPrice £Price $Price €
1William IPaul VinczeYes£35$55€40
2Magna CartaStuart DevlinYes£35$55€40
3Lord NelsonDudley BlakelyYes£35$55€40
4Canadian CentenaryDora de Pedery-HuntYes£35$55€40
5Sir Winston ChurchillArnold MachinYes£35$55€40
6William ShakespeareWilliam GardnerYes£35$55€40
7Spanish ArmadaChristopher IronsideYes£35$55€40
8Battle of BritainMichael RizzelloYes£35$55€40
9Queen VictoriaCecil ThomasYes£35$55€40
10Charge of the Light BrigadeImre MosdosyYes£35$55€40
11Fire of LondonNorman SillmanYes£35$55€40
12Charles DickensElizabeth JonesYes£35$55€40
13DunkirkGeoffrey ColleyYes£35$55€40
14Captain CookThomas Lo MedicoYes£35$55€40
15Battle of AgincourtDerek GorringeYes£35$55€40
16Charles Prince of Wales InvestitureRichmond HeraldYes£35$55€40
17StonehengeFrank SliscuYes£35$55€40
18Queen Elizabeth IPhilip NathanYes£35$55€40
19Alfred the GreatEvangelos FrudakisYes£35$55€40
20Sir Isaac NewtonDerek CornellYes£35$55€40
21Richard I LionheartRobert A. WeinmanYes£35$55€40
22Battle of the MarneArthur J J AyresYes£35$55€40
23Duke of Wellington Battle of WaterlooJoseph DiLorenzoYes£35$55€40
24The MayflowerDavid NorrisYes£35$55€40
25Geoffrey ChaucerGilroy RobertsYes£35$55€40
26Oliver CromwellJames BerryYes£35$55€40
27Wars of the RosesKaren WorthYes£35$55€40
28King Arthur & the Round TableWilliam CousinsYes£35$55€40
29Sir Walter ScottAbram BelskieYes£35$55€40
30Stanley & LivingstoneHal FaulknerYes£35$55€40
31Benjamin DisraeliCaesar RufoYes£35$55€40
32Henry VIIIH Wilson ParkerYes£35$55€40
33John & Sarah ChurchillJohn TerkenYes£35$55€40
34Richard IIIGeorge A HolmanYes£35$55€40
35Francis BaconGeoffrey DavienYes£35$55€40
36Lawrence of ArabiaJames FerrellYes£35$55€40
37Boadicea Queen of the IceniBarry J StantonYes£35$55€40
38Edward VIIILeslie E PinchesYes£35$55€40
39Westminster AbbeyEdward GroveYes£35$55€40
40Gilbert & SullivanJohn JenningsYes£35$55€40
41The Black PrinceRichard BaldwinYes£35$55€40
42The Royal NavyChristopher IronsideYes£35$55€40
43Sir John Hunt & Sir Edmund Hilary, The Conquest of EverestAnthony JonesYes£35$55€40
44Inigo Jones & Sir Christopher WrenGeoffrey ColleyYes£35$55€40
45  Ask£35$55€40
46Gordon & KitchenerAlbert WeinAsk£35$55€40
47Henry II & Eleanor of Aquitaine, First PlantagenetsMichael RizzelloAsk£35$55€40
48Christopher Marlow & Ben JonsonWilliam ShoyerAsk£35$55€40
49Robert Bruce, Liberator of ScotlandBrian C GrievesAsk£35$55€40
50 George Bernard Shaw Abram Belskie Ask£35$55€40
51  Ask£35$55€40
52  Ask£35$55€40
53 Clive of India John LobbanAsk£35$55€40
54 Battle of El Alamein Oct-Nov 1942 John BergdahlAsk£35$55€40
55 Roman Britain George HolmanAsk£35$55€40
56 Rudyard Kipling Michael HibbitAsk£35$55€40
57 Jonathan Swift Don Everhart IIAsk£35$55€40
58 Jacobites Defeated Ask£35$55€40
59 Henry V Ernest SchroederAsk£35$55€40
60 Queen Elizabeth II Gilroy RobertsAsk£35$55€40
  Complete Set Ask£1,885$3,015€2,220

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We also buy the modern Pinches medallions, and pay fair market prices for them, but please bear in mind that they were produced in large quantities, and often only sell for slightly over their scrap value, as most of the sets we see are made of silver, then this would relate to the price of scrap silver. Some series are silver-gilt (gold plated on silver), the gold content of these is very small, and prices would be similar to the prices for silver medallions.

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