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1771 George III Halfpenny Reverse
Britannia on the Reverse of a George III First Issue London Mint Copper Halfpenny of 1771

Strange Descriptions of Britannia
From the e-mail enquiries we receive, there are many which contain weird and wonderful descriptions of some of the coins people have found or are asking us to identify. We no longer have the time to reply personally to all the enquiries we get, but many of the descriptions we get of Britannia and her attributes make us smile, and we thought we would share them with you.

From The Royal Mint Forum Page
This is part of a description of a 1938 penny.

The back of the coin has what appears to be a Roman soldier in a seat position. His right hand holds a three forked weapon. His left hand is draped over a shield which appears to have a cross emblasioned on it.

Our Britannia Page
We have a page all about Britannia on British Coins, which contains over 5,000 words of factual information about Britannia, and 27 images at the last count. Of course you may wish to look instead at some of the e-mails we receive describing the same coins:-

Actual E-Mails

1899 Shilling Enquiry!
My coin looks exactly like this, but its different on the other side.It says "one penny" and has a figure holding a pitchfork in his left hand and it looks like a shield in its right hand and person is sitting down. Looks like a helmet on the head.
Bev. S., Ohio, USA

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