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Obverse of 18d Bank Token
Obverse of 18d Bank Token
Reverse of 18d Bank Token
Reverse of 18d Bank Token

A History of British Tokens

Tokens for Sale

17th Century

1669 Farthing Token of Gloucester

George III Merchant 'Conder' Trade Tokens

1787 Anglesey 'Druid' Penny Token
1789 Anglesey 'Druid' Halfpenny Token
1790 John Wilkinson Halfpenny Token
1790 Prince of Wales Masonic Halfpenny Token
1791 Gulielmus Tertius Hull Halfpenny Token
1791 Liverpool Halfpenny Token
1791 Leeds Halfpenny Token
1792 Norwich Halfpenny Token
1792 Birmingham Halfpenny Token
1792 Coventry 'Elephant and Castle' Halfpenny Token
1794 Tooke Acquittal Halfpenny Token
1794 Prince of Wales Brighton Camp Halfpenny Token
1795 Bakers Halfpenny Token
c.1795 (undated) Salters Hat Warhouse Halfpenny Token
1797 Gloucester 'Trade and Commerce Halfpenny Token
1799 Tamworth Church and Castle Halfpenny Token
19th Century Twopenny of Norwich Token
1812 Bradford Workhouse Penny Token

George III Silver Merchant Tokens

1811 Fazeley Silver Shilling Token
1811 John Smalpage & S.Lumb Shilling Token
1812 Leeds Workhouse Shilling Token
1812 Stockton Shilling Token

George III Bank Tokens

1804 Bank of England Dollar
1811 Three Shilling Bank Token
1814 Three Shilling Bank Token
1815 Eighteenpence Bank Token
1815 Three Shilling Bank Token

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