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Bullion Dealers
Chard of Blackpool started out as coin dealers in 1964. From the start, gold sovereigns were a regular part of our stock and sales.

Laws and Taxes
When the government decreed in 1966 that UK residents were no longer permitted to buy gold coins, we applied for a received a Bank of England licence as dealers in gold coins. The only way UK residents could then purchase gold coins was to apply to the Bank of England for a collectors licence, and to do this they had to establish that they were already bona-fide collectors. At the time coin collecting was becoming a very popular interest, but unfortunately most new collectors were not able to get gold collectors licences because they could not demonstrate that they had been collecting for long.
In 1971, this ban on buying gold coins was lifted, but in 1973 VAT was imposed on gold coins in the UK.
During all this time, we continued to offer a dealing service in gold coins to collectors and investors.
From January 1st 2000, almost all gold coins, and most gold bars were exempted from VAT in the entire European Union, obviously including the United Kingdom. This means that for almost the first time since 1966, UK residents can freely buy gold coins for investment, as collectors items or any other purpose, legally and without tax.

A Missed Opportunity
Unfortunately, the UK ban on acquiring gold included most the period from about 1967 to 1974 when gold bullion prices rocketed from $35 to $850 per ounce. Britons could have participated in the profits available if our government had not interfered our rights to free trade, but then governments usually see their job as interfering with the rights of the people who voted them into power.
Krugerrands were introduced in 1967, but few people in the UK had any chance to buy them before 1971, and the UK market for gold coins has never developed to the extent of many other European and other countries.

Other Chard Bullion Activities
In addition to dealing in gold coins, we have also been active in the scrap gold and scrap silver markets. During the "Bunker Hunt" silver price boom, we used to have queues forming outside our door before we opened in the mornings, and we used to recycle over a ton of silver on many days.

Tax Free Investment Gold
Since January 1st 2000, we have been able to offer a wide range of gold bars in weights from 1 gram to 12.5 kilograms, gold sovereigns, krugerrands and other world gold coins.
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Trading Names
Chard Tax Free Gold
Chard Coins
Chard Gold
R&L Coins

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Chard (1964) Limited

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Registered in Great Britain # 1378220

32 - 36 Harrowside
England, UK

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GB 157 0712 74



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BNTA, British Numismatic Trade Association
(Member since its formation in 1973)

Principal Trading Activities
Dealer in Gold Bullion Coins
Dealer in Gold Bars
Dealer in Numismatic Specimens (Coin Dealers)
Gold Jewellery Distribution
Diamond Ring Design Creation Distribution

Lawrence Chard, Chairman
Jane Chard, Company Secretary

Registered Company Office
54 Caunce Street, Blackpool, FY1 3LJ

...Since 1964

32 - 36 Harrowside, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY4 1RJ, England.
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