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Buying or Selling?

Every day we get asked many times for a price of a particular coin or list of coins. Our first job is to establish whether the person wants to buy or to sell. Astoundingly, most people don't seem to realise that there is a difference. Even after almost 40 years in this business, we still find it difficult to believe that people don't have the intelligence to tell us which they intend. Perhaps they expect us to be able to read their minds. When it's a personal caller to our showroom, or a telephone enquiry, it's quite quick and easy to find out. The problem is much greater when we get asked by e-mail, because although it only takes a short time to ask a question, giving an accurate detailed reply takes much longer. What's more, the reply we need to make is only to find out which. It would be rather curt of us to simply reply "Buying or Selling". Actually, we know only too well from experience that we would get either the response "Buying" or "Selling", without specifying whether it was they who were buying and us selling, or us buying and them selling.

Is There a Difference?
Even more amazingly, many people seem genuinely surprised that there is a difference between buying and selling. How do they think dealers pay their bills, and make a living? To these people, we could suggest a simple experiment. Go into your favourite supermarket, and ask them to buy a pot of yoghourt or a bag of sugar. They would probably suspect the state of your mental health. It's quite obvious that supermarkets do actually buy these things from somebody, but they almost certainly will not buy from you. Even if you tried to give it them for nothing, they would probably refuse to accept it, or else accept it and dispose of it immediately. You could try asking them for 50% of their selling price, or 25%, but even if you offered it to them at 10% or even 1% of their selling price, they probably would not buy. This is you own favourite store we are talking about, where you shop every week, not a dealer with whom you have never dealt before!
Obviously there is a difference.
The Customer Interview
The first thing we normally do with most customers is to ask a few questions to ascertain whether they know what they want, what it is. We do this so that we can try to help them get what they want. If they want something impossible, then we might try to suggest alternatives.

Our Selling Prices
We have over 2,000 pages on our websites, many listing coins for sale. Out of the enquiries we get asking our selling prices for coins, probably 90% are already listed somewhere on our website.

Our Buying Prices
Although we are prepared to make an offer to purchase most coins, in most cases we need to see the coins so that we can assess their condition, and hence their value before we can possibly know what we can pay. We explain this further on other pages of our site such as "Value of my Coin".

There is a difference between a valuation and an offer to buy, which we also explain on our page "Valuation or Offer to Buy".

Buying or Selling Jewellery
The comments we make on this page about coins apply equally well to jewellery.

Buying or Selling Coins at Auctions

Please don't use this to ask us the value of your coins, read the other pages of our site:-

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