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Great Blue Heron on Reverse of 2002 One Ounce Canadian Coin in Platinum
Great Blue Heron on Reverse of 2002 One Ounce Canadian Platinum $300

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Canadian Platinum Wildlife Proof Set in Box
Canadian Platinum Wildlife Proof Set in Box

Arctic Fox on Reverse of 1993 One Ounce Canadian Platinum $300
Arctic Fox on Reverse of 1993 One Ounce Canadian Platinum $300

Canadian Platinum Wildlife Platinum Proof Series

Canada have produced a range of platinum coins featuring the maple leaf, since 1988, and in 1991, they introduced a proof series also in platinum featuring Canadian wildlife.
Apparently, the 1990 "Polar Bear" set is a non-proof issue.

Platinum Bullion Coins
Platinum coins are subject to VAT in the UK, so we have not until recently offered new platinum bullion coins, however, we can now obtain and supply them to special order. If demand is sufficiently high, we will start to carry them in stock.

Proof Platinum Wildlife Series
We only saw our first examples of these sets in March 2005, but were quite impressed.
They come housed in a fabric lined mahogany box.
We offer them at our usual competitive prices.

Technical Specifications
$30030 mms31.160 grams.99951.00
$15025 mms15.59 grams.99950.50
$7520 mms7.8 grams.99950.25
$3016 mms3.132 grams.99950.10
Complete 4 Coin Set 57.5025 grams.99951.85

Notes on Table
APW = Actual platinum content in troy ounces.

Prices & Availability
All prices on our websites are subject to fluctuation and availability. Please check before ordering.
DateDescriptionMintageAvailabilityGradePrice £Price $
1990Polar Bear2,629NoBU£1,295$2,440
1991Snowy Owl873NoFDC in Box£1,295$2,440
1992Cougar3,500*NoFDC in Box£1,295$2,440
1993Arctic Fox3,500*SoldFDC in Box£1,295$2,440
1994Sea Otter1,500NoFDC in Box£1,295$2,440
1995Canadian Lynx682NoFDC in Box£1,295$2,440
1996Falcon423NoFDC in Box£1,295$2,440
1997Bison / Buffalo1,500NoFDC in Box£1,295$2,440
1998Gray Wolf1,000NoFDC in Box£1,295$2,440
1999Musk Ox500NoFDC in Box£1,295$2,440
2000Pronghorn Antelope600SoldFDC in Box£1,295$2,440
2001Harlequin Duck448NoFDC in Box£1,295$2,440
2002Great Blue Heron700*YesFDC in Box£Ask$Ask
2003Atlantic Walrus NoFDC in Box£1,295$2,440
2004Grizzly Bear NoFDC in Box£1,295$2,440
2005  NoFDC in Box£1,295$2,440
2006  NoFDC in Box£1,295$2,440
2007  NoFDC in Box£1,295$2,440
2008  NoFDC in Box£1,295$2,440

* = Issue Limit

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