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Chard Gold Club
We aim to sell high quality gold jewellery at prices which represent exceptional value.
To enable us to maintain our low price policy, we need a degree of loyalty and help from our customers. This is why we have introduced the concept of the "Chard Gold Club". Sometime in the future we would like to introduce a membership fee which would help us give even better prices to regular and repeat customers. For the time being membership of our "Gold Club" won't cost you a penny.
It's not entirely free though, there is a small price to pay. We do expect you to pass our name on to at least a few friends and colleagues. We hope you are buying from us because you know that we combine high quality with moderate prices to produce good value. If so, we ask you to give us a small amount of "free" advertising.

Chard Diamond Club
As for the "Chard Gold Club"
This is for people who like diamonds and other gemstone jewellery, and who appreciate high quality combined with good value and advice. It includes one-time purchasers and also diamond addicts.
As yet we have not introduced any membership fees, but there is a small price to pay. We would like you to tell your friends how good we are. By giving us some "free" advertising, it helps us to maintain our combination of high quality and moderate prices.

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I am a nice person, I think Chard are wonderful, and I wish you to register me as a Chard Club Member straight away. the Lowest Possible Price

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