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Cheap Diamonds
It's very important to define what you mean by the word "cheap"!

Cheap Diamonds or Diamonds Cheap?
The expression cheap diamonds conjures up in our minds something from Argos or Index at £19.99 in 9 ct gold, or even gold plated on silver. If you are looking to buy this kind of cheap diamond, then we wish you good luck, but hope that one day you will learn to appreciate that quality is important. Apart from trying to give you some free impartial advice, we are unlikely to be able to help you by providing what you want. In our experience, cheap meaning the lowest possible price is usually far from the best value.

Best Value
If by cheap, you mean the best value for a quality article, then we believe you are our sort of customer. As consumers ourselves, we expect to get spend our hard-earned money on things which provide the benefits we are looking for at a fair and reasonable price, and we try to obtain good value when buying. We don't expect to pay the absolute lowest price because that can be false economy. To use a couple of examples from the car market, if we all bought only the lowest priced vehicle available, we would all be driving a Sinclair C5 or a Perodua Kelisa, and if you shopped around for the biggest discount on a new car, you may have ended up buying a Rover just before MG Rover went into liquidation, leaving you without any warranty, or a possible difficulty in obtaining spare parts in future. Our advice would be to invest in a copy of What Car magazine, and start by looking at cars showing 5 stars or 4 stars, and avoiding any with only 1 or 2 stars. If everybody bought their cars like this, there would only be good cars on the market at sensible prices. Unfortunately for jewellery buyers, no "What Diamond" magazine exists, so you need to use a degree of judgement and considerably more effort.
Good value usually means a good quality product at a fair price. If this is also your own belief, then you share our philosophy, and we think you should be one of our customers.

Individual Choice
An important difference between cars and diamonds, is that when buying jewellery, most customers hope to acquire something different. As with cars, best value has to be sought intelligently, it's no good buying a Ferrari F430 as your only car if you've got 7 kids. If money is no object, and you want the absolute best, you should stick to D colour flawless diamonds, and a 10 carat one will cost you a couple of million pounds. Only the biggest, most prestigious jewellers with the fattest profit margins are likely to hold these in stock, and even they they have to get them on appro for you. If your diamond budget only runs to half a million pounds, then you may consider that a 5 carat diamond of E colour and VVS better suited to your budget, and you may even get some change. There can be only an extreme few who can afford diamonds at these price levels, and almost every diamond buyer will need to think within a personal budget. Even those few who can afford multi million pound stones may expect to get good value, and not overpay, which may be why they have so much wealth in the first place.
There are many pages on our websites giving advice about how to go about choosing a diamond. We suggest you read our 4 C's and more section, to get some basic knowledge. When you have a reasonable idea what you want, give us a call.
The main reason we try to give so much advice on our websites is our belief that an intelligent, well informed consumer is our type of customer.

Big Diamonds at Low Prices
From the above, you should know that most of our business is trying to match the right diamond to the right customer, and this mainly means good to excellent quality diamonds at competitive prices. Sometimes we get offered large, but cheap and cheerful diamonds which we just can't resist buying. It's not the type of diamond we would prefer to sell, but, hey, we are human you know, and we like to have a little fun too. Among the cheap but cheerful diamonds we have is one weighing 1.10 carats at £100, but don't bother asking the colour or clarity (what clarity?!). When someone telephones and asks the (stupid) question "How much is your cheapest one carat diamond?", we are able to answer "£100", and usually add "But, we doubt if you will want to buy it when you see it". We have owned this particular diamond for about 10 years now, and we will actually miss it when and if somebody does buy it. Owning it serves a purpose. It makes the questioner realise that what he asked for is not what he actually wants, and as our cheapest one carat diamond is cheaper than almost any other, the caller usually comes to see us. We do also have a few other cheap and slightly more cheerful diamonds in stock. Again, although we are quite happy to sell these, we would prefer to sell better stones representing better value, and the main reason we have them is a demonstration pieces, such as our famous cloudy diamond. If anybody wants to buy one of these cheap diamonds, we will always try our best to tell you what's wrong with it. After that we leave the decision to you!

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