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Cheap Jewellery

Is Cheap Jewellery Really Cheap?
As with most things, quality is important. Most cheap jewellery is not high quality or even good quality, it is often very cheaply and badly made, with the result that it does not last as long as a better made piece.
One of the easiest ways to make cheap jewellery is to reduce its weight, thereby using less gold, and reducing its cost to manufacture. This is almost always false economy because lightweight jewellery has very little strength, and therefore breaks, dents and gets damaged more easily.

The Best Value
The way to get the best value in jewellery is to buy good quality jewellery, but to buy it from a competitively priced source. The difficulty for most people is knowing how to judge quality in gold jewellery or diamond rings. Our advice is to read the various information pages of our website (there are over 1,000 pages on this site!).
The same thing applies to "Discount Jewellers":-

Discount Jewellers
You would expect a discount jeweller to have an enormous sign in Dayglo pink or orange shouting out "Discount Jewellery". We don't do that, even though we sell our jewellery for a lot less than most High Street prices.

Why No Big Sign?
When you look at the shops which do bill themselves as "Discount Jewellers", they do usually have low prices, but the quality of most of their stock is at least as low as their prices. We are not like that. We certainly don't want to look cheap and nasty. In fact, many locals don't even know we are here, or presume that we are expensive and exclusive because we don't display our prices in the window. The fact is that we don't use a traditional type of jeweller's window display. We try to display our goods in an efficient manner, one which avoids several hours work each day to recreate each morning, and then to put away each night. the result is that we can spend our time more productively designing and creating new diamond rings, and in selecting new gold jewellery items.

Discount Everything?
No! There are lots of jewellery products we don't sell. We don't sell watches, except for a very few second-hand ones. We restrict ourselves to a few specialised areas where we believe we can offer something different.

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