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Coin Dealers Since 1964

A Brief History
We started dealing in coins before 1964, when we chose the name R& L Coins. The UK boom in coin collecting did not start until 1965 when decimalisation was announced. The period from 1965 to 1971 saw a huge leap in the number of coin collectors in Britain, from we would estimate as few as 20,000 collectors in 1964, to about 3 million collectors in 1971. Many of these new collectors were only interested in forming a collection from the coins in their change, but we have always been happy to deal in almost any type or quality of coin. We give a more complete history of our company on the "About Us" section of our website.

Professional Numismatists
Professional numismatist is the grander name for coin dealers. We try to conduct our own trading in a professional manner.

Wide Range of Different Coins
Even though coin dealing is, in itself, very specialised, many coin dealers further specialise in a very narrow sector of the market. This may in many cases be a reflection of their own personal interests, and we would not argue with or criticise this approach. Some dealers specialise in Roman, Greek, ancient or hammered coins, others purely handle modern issues, gold coins, or rare coins. We however have always had a very catholic approach to the coins in which we are happy to deal. Perhaps this is partly because, as a provincial company in a small northern town, we only have a small local clientele.
Although we tend to specialise in British coins and gold coins, we also deal in Roman coins, modern issues, world coin sets, proofs, other ancient coins, bulk coins, and almost any other type of coin you could name.

Over Selective?
During the 1960's and later, we used to be astounded, when visiting London dealers, at the amount and type of material which they used to turn down, saying either that it was too poor quality, or not the type of material in which they dealt. Frequently we would be just itching to make an offer for this same material they were rejecting out of hand. Typically over 90% of the coins we are offered are of less interest than the material these London dealers used to, and probably still do, reject.

Over Optimistic?
Nowadays we are usually astounded by the optimistically high prices people expect for even the commonest junk. Collectors usually know the approximate value of most of their coins, and so it's quite easy for us to reach a deal with them. Non-collectors often bring us a few as a single piece of a common, worn old coin, the sort of thing we would thrown into a "20 for £1" box if we had one. When we tell them their coin is worth only coppers, their reaction is often disbelief, and their attitude is that it isn't worth selling unless they are going to get £5 or £10, sometimes more. We don't know why, but suspect that watching TV shows such as the Antiques Roadshow encourages people to believe that anything "old" must be worth thousands. At time like this, we find ourselves wishing they had first approached one of the more selective dealers, indeed very often we find that if a potential seller has visited another dealer already, then it's far quicker and easier for us to reach a deal, than would be the case if we are their first contact.

Mail Order & Internet
We have always provided a mail order service, and the recent development of the internet has provided us with an efficient way of listing our coins for sale, and distributing this list world-wide, rather than mailing out a printed list which would often be out of date before we had finished printing it. In addition, from our websites, people can choose their own area of interest, with a printed list, most of it would be irrelevant to most customers, or we would need to produce many different lists for different types of customer.
Theoretically we can update and edit our web pages in minutes, certainly it's quicker and easier than altering a printed list.
We do not currently offer online purchasing using credit cards, for a variety of reasons, but we can accept cheques, cash and bank transfers. We primarily see the internet as an efficient means of publishing our sales catalogue and distributing information and advice.

Other Information About Us

Trading Names
Chard Tax Free Gold
Chard Coins
Chard Gold
R&L Coins

Company Name
Chard (1964) Limited

Company Registration
Registered in Great Britain # 1378220

32 - 36 Harrowside
England, UK

VAT Registration
GB 157 0712 74



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Yorkshire Bank PLC
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Association Memberships
BNTA, British Numismatic Trade Association
(Member since its formation in 1973)

Principal Trading Activities
Dealer in Numismatic Specimens & Bullion Coins (Coin Dealers)
Gold Jewellery Distribution
Diamond Ring Design Creation Distribution

Lawrence Chard, Chairman
Jane Chard, Company Secretary

Registered Company Office
54 Caunce Street, Blackpool, FY1 3LJ

...Since 1964

32 - 36 Harrowside, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY4 1RJ, England.
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