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Coins - Everybody uses them everyday. Everybody knows what coins are , and what coins look like...

...Or do they?

Why So Many Questions?
If it's correct that everybody is so familiar with coins, how come we get asked so many questions about them?
Every single day, we get visitors to our showroom, telephone calls, letters and e-mails asking us about coins. The variety of questions we are asked is almost as great as the variety of coins in existence.

When and Where was the First Coin Issued?
The first coins are thought to have been issued in Lydia between 643 and 630 B.C. They were quite crude and made of electrum, a naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver.

Coins & Civilisation
Which came first, coins or civilisation?
It is possible to conduct trade without money, using barter, but barter is very inefficient. Some form of money is necessary for trading to take place easily. Whenever any goods or services are bought, sold or exchanged, there is normally a monetary calculation or transaction performed. Although this can be done using paper, or nowadays electronic transfer of funds, the oldest form of money is coinage.
Coins and money are an essential part of any civilisation.

What are Coins?
This might sound a stupid question, but most people would define a coin as a small metallic disc with a known value. This is a reasonable definition, but not all coins are made of metal, some have been made of plastic. In the future it may become normal for most coins to be made of plastic. Another possible material which may well be used for coins in the future is ceramic. There have been many recent developments in high-tech ceramics in recent years years. Many ceramics are much harder than steel, and therefore could prove to be far more durable.

Further Information
We have over 1,000 pages on this website, most of them containing information about coins. We also buy, sell and value coins. We hope you will enjoy looking round our site. the Lowest Possible Price

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