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Chard Coin Set in Blue Card Insert
Chard Coin Set
Uncirculated Coin Set in Folder
Uncirculated Set in Folder
2007 Standard Proof Set in Box
Standard Proof Set in Box
De-luxe Proof Set in Red Leather is Back!
De-luxe Proof Set in Red Leather
2007 Executive Proof Set Includes Crown
Executive Proof Set

Coin Sets for Special Years

English Coin Sets by Year

We have stocks of coin sets for almost every year from 1887 to date, presented in individually dated cases. Many years are available in a variety of different grades of condition.

Victoria Coin Sets Edward VII Coin Sets George V Coin Sets George VI Coin Set Elizabeth II Coin Set
1838 - 1901
1902 - 1910
Edward VII
1911 - 1936
George V
1937 - 1952
George VI
1953 -  
Elizabeth II

Stock List

Victoria Coin Sets

DateGrade - DescriptionCoinsAvailPackaging
1887Victoria Jubilee - Selected7AskVarious
1888Victoria Jubilee - Selected6AskChard
1889Victoria Jubilee - Selected6YesChard
1890Victoria Jubilee - Selected5AskChard
1891Victoria Jubilee - Selected5AskChard
1892Victoria Jubilee - Selected5YesChard
1893Victoria Old Head - Selected6AskChard
1894Victoria Old Head - Selected5AskChard
1895Victoria Old Head - Selected8AskChard
1896Victoria Old Head - Selected8AskChard
1897Victoria Old Head - Selected8YesChard
1898Victoria Old Head - Selected8AskChard
1899Victoria Old Head - Selected8YesChard
1900Victoria Old Head - Selected8YesChard
1901Victoria Old Head - Selected8YesChard

Edward VII Coin Sets

DateGrade - DescriptionCoinsAvailPackaging
1902Edward VII - Selected8YesChard
1903Edward VII - Selected8AskChard
1904Edward VII - Selected8YesChard
1905Edward VII - Selected8AskChard
1906Edward VII - Selected8YesChard
1907Edward VII - Selected8YesChard
1908Edward VII - Selected8AskChard
1909Edward VII - Selected8YesChard
1910Edward VII - Selected8YesChard

George V Coin Sets

DateGrade - DescriptionCoinsAvailPackaging
1911George V - Proof, about FDC8YesOfficial Red Leather Box
1911George V - Selected8YesChard
1912George V - Selected8YesChard
1913George V - Selected9YesChard
1914George V - Selected8YesChard
1915George V - Selected8YesChard
1916George V - Selected8YesChard
1917George V - Selected8AskChard
1918George V - Selected8YesChard
1919George V - Selected8YesChard
1920George V - Selected8YesChard
1921George V - Selected8YesChard
1922George V - Selected8YesChard
1923George V - Selected6YesChard
1924George V - Selected6YesChard
1925George V - Selected9YesChard
1926George V - First Type, Selected7YesChard
1927George V - Selected7YesChard
1928George V - Near Mint State8AskChard
1928George V - Selected8AskChard
1929George V - Near Mint State7AskChard
1929George V - Selected7YesChard
1930George V - Near Mint State8AskChard
1930George V - Selected8YesChard
1931George V - Near Mint State8AskChard
1931George V - Selected8YesChard
1932George V - Near Mint State8AskChard
1932George V - Selected8YesChard
1933George V - Near Mint State7AskChard
1933George V - Selected7YesChard
1934George V - Near Mint State7AskChard
1934George V - Selected7YesChard
1935George V - Near Mint State8AskChard
1935George V - Selected8YesChard
1936George V - Near Mint State8AskChard
1936George V - Selected8YesChard

George VI Coin Sets

DateGrade - DescriptionCoinsAvailPackaging
1937George VI - Average Plus10AskChard
1937George VI - Near Mint State10AskChard
1937George VI - Proof15YesLeatherette
1938George VI - Near Mint State10AskChard
1938George VI - Average Plus10YesChard
1939George VI - Average Plus10YesChard
1939George VI - Near Mint State10AskChard
1940George VI - Average Plus10YesChard
1940George VI - Near Mint State10AskChard
1941George VI - Near Mint State9AskChard
1941George VI - Selected9YesChard
1942George VI - Near Mint State9AskChard
1942George VI - Average Plus9AskChard
1943George VI - Near Mint State9AskChard
1943George VI - Average Plus9YesChard
1944George VI - Near Mint State10NoChard
1944George VI - Average Plus10AskChard
1945George VI - Near Mint State9AskChard
1945George VI - Average Plus9YesChard
1946George VI - Near Mint State9AskChard
1946George VI - Selected Plus9YesChard
1947George VI - Average Plus8YesChard
1947George VI - Near Mint State8Sold OutChard
1948George VI - Selected9AskChard
1948George VI - Near Mint State9AskChard
1949George VI - Near Mint State9AskChard
1949George VI - Average Plus9YesChard
1950George VI - Average Plus9AskChard
1950George VI - Proof9AskCardboard!
1951George VI - Near Mint State9AskChard
1951George VI - Proof10YesCardboard!
1952George VI - Selected4YesChard

Elizabeth II Coin Sets

DateGrade - DescriptionAvail
1953Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1954Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1955Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1956Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1957Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1958Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1959Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1960Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1961Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1962Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1963Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1964Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1965Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1966Elizabeth II -VariousNow
1967Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1968Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1969Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1970Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1971Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1972Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1973Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1974Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1975Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1976Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1977Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1978Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1979Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1980Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1981Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1982Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1983Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1984Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1985Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1986Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1987Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1988Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1989Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1990Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1991Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1992Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1993Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1994Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1995Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1996Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1996Silver Jubilee of DecimalisationNow
1997Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1998Elizabeth II - VariousNow
1999Elizabeth II - VariousNow
2000Elizabeth II - VariousNow
2001Elizabeth II - VariousNow
2002Elizabeth II - VariousNow
2003Elizabeth II - VariousNow
2004Elizabeth II - VariousNow
2005Elizabeth II - VariousNow
2006Elizabeth II - VariousNow
20062006 Silver Proof Set - Queens' 80th BirthdayNow
2007Elizabeth II - VariousNow
2008Elizabeth II - VariousNow
2008Elizabeth II - Emblems of BritainNow
2008Elizabeth II - Royal Shield of ArmsNow
2009Elizabeth II - VariousNow
2010Elizabeth II - VariousNow
2011Elizabeth II - VariousNow
2012Elizabeth II - VariousNow
2013Elizabeth II - VariousNow
2014Elizabeth II - Various Now
2015 Elizabeth II - Various Now
2016 Elizabeth II - Various Now
2017 Elizabeth II - Various Now

Libra Solidus Denarius Coin Collection
This Royal Mint 8 coin collection presents pre decimal coinage from a half crown to a half penny, with the English Shilling and the Scottish Shilling.

Libra Solidus Denarius - Pounds Shillings and Pence Coin Collection
This Royal Mint 9 coin pre decimal coin collection of Queen Elizabeth II is a presentation of uncirculated coins from the half crown down to the farthing.

From Old Pennies...To Decimal Pence Coin Collection
This Royal Mint 14 coin collection is a celebration of the old pre decimal coinage and the change to the decimal system.

The British Pounds Shillings and Pence Memento Pack
A 7 coin pre decimal coin collection produced by The Westminster Coin Collection Ltd.

Changing Face of Britain's Coinage National Emblems Edition
An unbelievably naff coin set offering by The London Mint Office.

Changing Face of Britain's Coinage National Emblems Edition Gold with Rhodium-Platinum
Rhodium plated penny by The London Mint Office for 49.95.

A Century of British Coinage
A collection by Westminster Coin Collection Ltd in Presentation Folder

Coins of WWII Five Coin Set
A collection by Westminster Coin Collection Ltd in Presentation Folder

Specially minted coins with a mirror finish field and frosted finish design, struck on pre-polished blanks using polished dies. Actually the term "Proof" describes the process rather than the grade. Most "Proof" coins are found in FDC condition, which means absolutely perfect.

Uncirculated or Mint
Strictly means what it says, that the coin has not been in circulation, but will usually show some bagmarks and minor marks.

Better than average condition for the age and type of coin.

As it suggests, typical for the age and type of coin.

Typical Contents - Pre-Decimal

Not all of the above 10 denominations were issued in most years. In some years a crown may have been issued, in which case, we will normally offer two variations of the year set, one with, and one without, crown.
* Before 1937 there were no separate English and Scottish shilling designs.

Typical Contents - Decimal (1971 Onwards)

Postage & Packing:
UK: At buyer's Risk £3.50 or
Fully Insured £9 (Usually by Royal Mail Special Delivery)
USA: Airmail at buyer's risk $10 or
Fully Insured $20
For further details, please see our Postage & Packing page.

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