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We present a small selection of the comments we have received from internet surfers worldwide:-

Dear Chard Family, 24 Carat, Eurocoins,
I am amazed to see that you are located near my childhood home, St Annes, and on one of the two bus routes I used to take to School 50 years ago -it was either the 11 or the 11A and I've now long forgotten which - what memories ! Blackpool FC were in the first Division, won the Cup, and the most famous footballer on earth, Stanley Matthews, lived in a big house near the old Railway Bridge on St Annes Road (someone told me its a Motorway Approach Road Bridge now). (And he was the most famous on earth; one night in the glorious summer of 1963 what seemed like the entire population of a village in northern Portugal treated me all night long in their local Bar and wouldn't let me pay asingle Escudo and all on the strength of the news that my Dad knew the great man!). Both Blackpool and Lancashire would vote for a poodle so long as it had a Blue Rosette (apart from 1958 when Blackpool had a Liberal Council for one year and 1962 when Blackpool North missed having a Liberal MP by only 900 votes). Apart from a discouraging and disparaging recent Opinion Poll, and the dreadful discovery that the Boddingtons that has turned up in cans in my local Supermarket here tastes more like the product of the Beer Out department of 'The Dunes' than the wonderful stuff they used to serve in the Beer In department so presumably its the same in 'The Dunes' as well and how sad, I've scarcely heard any news of the 'pool for yonks.
But I digress.....
I'm not a Dealer and not even a terribly serious collector any more; I gave up collecting when prices suddenly took off in 1961 and I couldn't afford it any more (in 1959 I bought three 1950 pennies and three 1951 pennies for 7/6 each at the little coin shop at the corner of Abingdon Street and Queen Street). 7/6? That's 37.5 p to you but it was worth rather more ! I sold them to Seaby's for £3.10s.0d each (£3.50) in 1962 ! Lord knowswhat they're worth now...
My interest in the new Euro coins is that I, rather unexpectedly, have a son of 9 years old who's interested, so...
In your otherwise admirable and concise descriptions of the Euro Coins I'm afraid I have detected several errors -surely due simply to late night tapping of the wrong key on a computer keyboard.
The 1,2,5,10,20,50 cents from Portugal all describe the same seal whereas the 1,2 and 5 depict one Seal (of 1134) and the 10,20 and 50 another (of 1142).
On the 10 and 20 and 50 cents pages, the French coins carry the description of the 1,2 and 5 cent coins "Marianne" instead of "The Sower" which they actually - and correctly- show.
The 20 cents page shows the correct 20 cent coins from Austria and Greece and San Marino but in all three cases carries the description of the 2 cent coins !
And the 20 cents page shows the correct coin from Italy but carries the description of the 1 Cent coin!
As a matter of interest, I notice that you omit France from your catalogue of Start-Up Packs. You don't have any?
Can you advise what have been recent prices of these elsewhere or at Auction?
I'm not interested in selling (at least I don't think I am) but I do have some.
If you don't already have a correspondent Numismatist here in Paris, please feel free to e-mail me any time you think I may be able to help.
I hope you don't mind my writing out of the blue. I presume that having taken such trouble to describe the coins, you'll probably want it to be right!
Best Wishes,
Gerard M., Paris

Dear Gerard,
Thanks for your e-mail
We can't understand why you are amazed, somebody has to live here!
The last but one football match I watched had Stanley Matthews playing, I'm informed it must have been the FA cup 5th round in 1953.

We always welcome comments from sharp-eyed viewers who notice our errors and take the time and trouble to send us corrections. In the case of the euro coin descriptions, the fault lies in inaccurate copying and pasting, my fault, and yes,. the results of working too late.
I've corrected all the descriptions. The Austrian 20 cent actually had the description of the 1 cent, strange that nobody else noticed us describing a building as a flower!
We don't have any French starter packs, which is why we have not yet listed them.
When we only had a few pages on our site, we used to offer a pint to anyone who spotted our "deliberate" errors.
Next time you are in the area, we will take you for a pint of Boddington's in The Dunes.
Lawrence Chard

Good Morning:
In reading the first paragraph on your website, "On new year's day 2002, The Vatican, like the other 11 members of the Eurozone, started using Euro notes and Euro coins for cash transactions. Within a few months, the old coins and banknotes in Lire have been withdrawn. We have uncirculated sets from each of the twelve countries in stock now for immediate delivery. The designs of all eight of the Euro coins for the Vatican are identical, showing His Holiness, Pope John Paul II, facing right.". You mention that His Holiness, Pope John Paul II, is facing right but he is facing left. You may want to correct this.
Thanks, Marc S.

Dear Marc,
Thanks for your e-mail
We have now corrected it. We got it right (8 times) on the descriptions lower down the page. Thanks for taking the time and trouble to point it out to us.
Lawrence Chard

Many, many thanks for the coin sets, which I become today. They are wonderful and good. I hope, when your country become the Euro legal, I can become the first offical British Euro set by the same adress! Once more many thanks and best regards
Winfried L!, Germany

I am much interested in British and Irish coins. I'm currently working on completing a set of all of the piedfort issues of the one pound coin. I was recently able to order a copy of "Coins of England and the UK 2002" published by Spinks from a coin shop in Cardiff. Could you possibly provide me with an authorative tome on Irish coins? If not, I would appreciate more information than your website currently provides about Irish coin sets. You mention "about eight" mint sets and five proof sets. I desire more accurate, extensive, and up to date information. Go raibh mile maith agaibh.
A fan of your site,
John R. S., Denver, Colorado, USA

A thousand thanks yourself John for your kind comments. L.C.

Dear Mr. Chard:
Just wanted to compliment you on your site. I should have been writing a report tonight, but I stumbled into your site while procrastinating. Ended up spending several hours here and learning a lot. Well worth your 2000+ hours of input.
Especially loved your responses to "Questions They Ask Us." Many chuckles; even some guffaws.
I was sorting through a bag of English coins to send over with my daughter next week to get rid of. Not the collectible kind; the kind you end up with when they'll convert only paper money and you miss the donation box in the airport. I noticed some were shillings, and I went to your site to see if these were still negotiable, or whether I should melt them down the next time I feel a bout of procrastination coming on.
This bag of coins probably weighs four pounds and is worth about two. Haven't you people heard of paper? You must have huge pockets.
Anyway, thanks for an enjoyable evening.
Diane Feder
P.S. I have a 1968 wedding photo of me in a necklace. How much is it worth? Is it worth more now that I don't look remotely like it any more? Would it be worth more if I were the queen of somewhere? Remember, it does have the necklace....
P.P.S. If you could get my daughter to marry the guy she's been living with for eight years, then I could become a customer and buy a sixpence. I've lost mine.
Diane F., Connecticut, U.S.A.
Missing Link
link to on your page
appears to point to HREF as seen in netscape6.2.2 bar at bottom of page....
Thanks for a very informative site
Regards, Bill M., New Zealand.

Dear Bill,
Thanks for your e-mail.
We have been trying to find that for ages as "/A HREF=" has been showing up in our error reports. Thanks to you taking the time and trouble to let us know, we have managed to nail the problem.
Regards, Lawrence Chard

Not an enquiry but a correction! I am writing an article on wrens for the Daily Telegraph and found your website when looking for the date of the withdrawal of the farthing. This was so I could comment on the idea, when I was young, that "the smallest British bird was on the smallest British coin". And I found that this is what you state! It's a pity to spoil the story, but our smallest bird is the goldcrest which is half the weight of the wren. But I found this website very interesting.
Robert B., UK

Dear Robert,
Thanks for your e-mail.
It's amazing how long we can have erroneous information on our sites before someone spots it and tells us. Thanks for taking the time and trouble to let us know.
It reminds me of a radio interview I heard with a local bird expert, who was asked whether he ever made any mistakes when giving opinions, he related a story about being phoned by a lady who described sighting an unusual bird in her garden with a crest. He informed her it was a goldcrest, and the lady replied that, no it definitely was not a goldcrest. Asked how she could be certain it wasn't, she informed him that it was about 3 feet tall! It turned out to be an incidental sighting of an African Heron.
Actually the farthing was not Britain's smallest coin, there were half farthings, third farthings and quarter farthings, but none of these had been issued since 1913.

just been on your site to try to identfy a coin I found, think it must be a sovereign 'cause it's gold dated 1966 and in a presentation box from The London Caravan Company.
however thats not why I've written, just had to say congrats to who ever wrote whats written don't know if it's helped me but I had a bloody good laugh, I like your sense of humour
regards, pam h.
on you are displaying Euro coins from Monaco; however, I think what's actually there are pictures of the Italian coins.
On, the 1 Euro and 2 Euro images of San Marino don't display.
Otherwise, I'd like to thank you very much for the service. I'm not numismatically inclined, but I like to look up where all the Euros I'm getting come from. I'm in Germany, and as foreign Euros I've mostly had Dutch and Italian and Austrian Euros now. I've never seen a real life one from France or Spain, which is quite strange IMHO, because there should be plenty of them.
Bernd L., Germany

Dear Bernd,
Thanks for your e-mail.
We cannot find any errors or missing images on either of the 2 pages you mentioned.
Regards, Lawrence Chard

That's because we have just corrected them!
Thanks for bringing these errors to our attention.
We usually tell people they have found our deliberate error, and that we owe them a beer, the next time you are in Blackpool please call in for it. Where in Germany are you, because you beer is better than ours, and you could buy us one if we are ever in your town.
We are glad you find our site useful, and thanks for the feedback.

Not an enquiry but a word of praise. I stumbled on your site by chance, thinking about buying 10 or 20 2002 sovereigns, saw your massive range of victorian and kings sovereigns and that got engrossed in reading up on the difference between fine and very fine. Sad I know but the trail then led me to finding out about your proof sets, when I buy a 1970 set for the girlfriend (her year of birth). I'm not sure if she'll follow my explanations about how the coins were never issued for circulation and that the three that were aren't included but you held my attention. Now looking at sets commemorating by mum and dad's birthdays. The long and the short of it is that you will get an order but I just wanted to congratulate you on a fascinating and informative site. You have encouraged me not just to buy from you but to resurect a boyhood interest in coins. I'm impressed with your no nonsense, non patronising approach to dealing with queries and explaining your despatch policy. I won't be taking the option of a blank direct debit mandate for those who want delivery yesterday but keep working on the ESP. REFRESHING, ORIGINAL and SERVICE DRIVEN. An excellent site. This sad git is off to get some sleep now as I've spent far too long on here but I will be placing an order soon. WELL DONE
Andrew H., England

Dear Andrew,
Thanks for your comments. We do try to make the site interesting and informative, rather than just a sales pitch. We are glad you appreciate it. At present our service is slipping a little as we can barely keep up with orders.

German page rude
The statement "And for the American gentleman who asked does it only contain three coins, we can assure you that it will contain eight coins, the German mints are not so stupid as to make euro coin sets with only three coins in them." is so shockingly rude that I am having a hard time believing I'm reading it!
Please change that, take my advice, it is very out of place on your web site.
D McG, (West Virginia, USA),

We would be interested if you could inform us exactly why you think our statement is rude.
Regards, Lawrence Chard

A most excellent and informative site. It has answered all of my questions and more. Also as a web site designer/programmer I thought it was well designed.
Yours, Rob. E., UK
I came across your impressive website today and what a wonderful resource it is; you almost perform a public service to describe jewellery-making clearly and honestly but it manages to be entertainingly too - very thoughtfully produced and well done!
Rachel D.
I know you receive many emails each day but I thought I should take the time to say how informative I find your web site. I view it regularly and find most of my queries answered within the pages. I am a keen coin collector and it is good to see a business which not only looks after its customers but also general coin collectors. I will be visiting your shop in Blackpool in the future - not bad considering I stumbled across your site on
Thanks for your time, keep up the brilliant work, regards, A. Wood, England
Hope im not wasting your time i just wanted to say i had a wonderful time reading the questions/answers page.All the information i required was found easily and will certainly visit this site again.If your business skills are as keen as your wit you will certainly go far,have a great life and thanks again.
Lynn C., England

Dear Lynn,
Thanks for your comments, and for taking the time to e-mail them to us.
It's always great to have positive feedback, and also to know that there are other like-minded people out there.
We certainly don't consider it a waste of time.

Subject: DMS - Design Model Spammers
Have you heard of telephone and mail preference services?
It's a good way of protecting against unwanted and unsolicited telephone calls, faxes and mailshots. There website is at
There was a law recently enacted in the UK to protect individuals from unsolicited rubbish coming through the letter box and phone line. Junk mail is something which pisses me off on a regular basis considering the number of trees that seem to make their way through my letter box. So anyway, I've registered with the tps and they've reassured me that it is now illegal for any company to telephone or mail me without receiving my explicit consent beforehand!
With regard to spam, I have set up a hotmail account which I give out to any company websites that I visit, and have the junk mail filter switched on. It also has the advantage of being able to block individual senders from even attempting to email you. There's probably several other email providers that will let you do that.
Hope you find this info useful.
ps. please don't publish my email address anywhere on your website (thanks)

Dear Nagpal,
Thanks for your e-mail and suggestions.
We actually registered with TPS several years ago, but it doesn't seem to make much difference.
We have considered having our e-mails filtered via SpamCop, we get too many e-mails to use a Hotmail account, but most of the spam comes from people harvesting our e-mail addresses off our websites. We have 5+ sites, and over 2,000 pages.
Lawrence Chard
Don't worry, we would never dream of publishing an e-mail address of a bona fide customer or correspondent.

No question. Just a comment. Trash it as you will...
Got your "Questions People Ask Us" when doing a search and started reading. Had to read to the end.
Very humourous. You should reserve the film rights or something. Make a hell of a TV show.
Thanks for the laughs,
James, Canada

Dear James,
Thanks for your comments.
We have actually just split the page, and put all the coin questions onto one, and the jewellery questions onto another page. We also haven't had the time to add much recently. One day we might say what we really think instead of trying to be polite.
Glad you enjoyed our site.
Lawrence Chard

Just wanted to tell you thank you for a wonderfully educational website. I very much enjoyed my visit. I recently inherited a family coin collection and wanted to know the meaning of the "sovereign". I have never personally been a coin collector but I am finding out why people enjoy the historical beauty behind the coins as I explore the history behind the various coins that my family had been interested in collecting.
Your site has done an excellent job of answering so of the many questions that I have had on my mind. I will be back for many more visits to your website.
Thanks, Sharon C.
Just a quick note to say well done and Thank you for your fine web site.
I am into metal detecting and I'm no expert on coins but your site helps me identify my finds.
The Roman emperor portrait page is excellent.
Keep up the good work it is appreciated.
Weekend Wanderers Detecting Club
I discovered your web site while checking out the Royal Mint Web Site! Thank you for the valuable information pertaining to the "History" of many of the British coins. I was born at Kingston-on-Thames in Surrey. My grandparents and my mom have given me quite a few coins over the years plus I have secured several on my visits to England. You have helped me so much in my research as I am in the process of putting my British coins into a decent "collection" and your information has been invaluable to me. I also now have a source to purchase some of the coins I need. Will you ever do a "History" on the FARTHING (farthing, 1/2 farthing, 1/4 farthing)? If you do please let me know. Also I couldn't find any information on the "Two Pence, "Three Pence", "Four Pence", "Five Pence" or "Ten Pence". I may have overlooked. I know you don't have time to answer every email sent to you but it thought it would be worth a try. Thanks for any assistance you might be able to give me.
Sandra, Greenbrier, TN 37073
P.S. Have a great day!
Just to say that the £2 coin rumour is now up to £44. I collected 13 on one day and spent them on petrol. You should have seen the look on the cashiers face as I drove off, she obviously thought she had found a fortune!
Nick S., UK
Hello there,
do you not think it might be more profitable to invite offers, rather than state a price.
(Also, in my opinion, your prices are very low).
If you hang on a bit, domain names will become the most expensive commodity in the history of mankind.
Regards, James B., London
Just read the appropriate page on the website, bugger, I heard the £2 coin was worth, £40, and having had a look in my holiday fund, found I had three. That made me suspicious as they must be fairly common.
Glad I read the site first, which I enjoyed and it made me smile. Even though the news was bad.
Thanks for a good site.
David T., (not a collector but having read the site, I may give up on Cindy Crawford and take it up.)
You're welcome, glad you found it helpful, and thanks for your kind comments! - L.C.

£2 Coin Rumour
It was actually my Dad who started the rumour, but just think of the extra traffic through your doors !!!!
Craig Beck
I just thought this would make you laugh. A friend of my fathers told him the 1997 £2 coin with necklace was worth £700.
Imagine my delight when I found one in my purse.
Oh well it's been one of those days really.
Lucy M., England
Dear Lucy,
Yes indeed!
We get so many enquiries!
The first phone call this morning about the £2 necklet coins was before 9 a.m., and we don't open until 10.
We also get several e-mails every day, usually from people who have not been bothered to look through our site far enough to find the appropriate page.
I must say £700 is the highest figure we have heard yet.
Thanks for your e-mail.

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