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Does The Royal Mint Overcharge?
Yesterday 26th July 2000, I saw a thread on the Royal Mint's Forum section of its web site, which started with someone complaining about poor secondary market prices for Royal Mint products.
The writer was a little more direct than that, and was quite open about accusing the Royal Mint of overcharging.
This page is a close copy of our posting to the Royal Mint's Forum, addressed originally to the webmaster.

I was going to post a reply to the thread but cannot now find it. Do I presume correctly that you have removed it? If so, I can understand why, but surely it would be better to allow open debate, even if it criticises the R.M., but follow it up with a good answer.

Here are a few thoughts for the complainer:-

  1. Why do you think people buy coins and coin sets?
  2. Is it fair or accurate to complain that the Royal Mint overcharges?
  3. What alternatives are there?
  4. Don't buy coins as an investment.
  5. Think before you buy, not when you want to sell.
  6. Auctions versus Dealers

Is the Royal Mint perfect? Does it always get things right? We think not.

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