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Obverse of Gold Solidus of Constantius II
Obverse of Gold Solidus of Constantius II

Reverse of Gold Solidus of Constantius II
Reverse of Gold Solidus of Constantius II

Constantius II 324-337 (Caesar) 337-361 (Augustus)

Constantius II was the son of Constantine the Great by his ill-fated second wife Faustina. He became Caesar under his father in 324 and gained an advantage as a future heir when his mother persuaded Constantine to have his elder son Crispus, born of his first wife, executed for treason by falsely accusing him of raping her.

Upon the death of Constantine the Great in 337, Constantius II helped to secure his position by ordering the massacre of every close male relative of his father save that of his brothers and three of his cousins. His elder brother Constantine II and younger brother Constans (under the former's guardianship) were to rule over the west, whilst Constantius II ruled over the East.
Constantius II was eventually to become the sole ruler of the Empire when, in keeping with the familicidal tendencies of the Constaninian Dynasty, his elder brother was killed by his younger brother, Constans in 340, who was in turn killed by the usurper Magnentius in 350, who was himself forced to commit suicide after being defeated in battle by Constantius II in 353.

Whilst out campaigning in the West, Constantine ordered the death of his cousin and Caesar Constantius Gallus in 354, whom he had left in charge of the East, due to his apparently excessively harsh rule.
Constantius II himself died of natural causes near Cilicia whilst marching his forces to meet those of his usurping cousin Julian. Before he died, he proclaimed his cousin to be his rightful heir in order to ensure stability following his death.

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