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Eiffel Tower Medallion
Eiffel Tower Medallion

1896 Blackpool Big Wheel Medallion
1896 Blackpool Big Wheel Medallion

Copper Medallions
This is our page of copper medallions. Gold, silver, and platinum medallions are shown on their own pages.Some of these are shown for interest purposes only, others are for sale. We also buy medallions.

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1694 Queen Mary II Memorial Commemorative
1812 Wellington Token
1838 Victoria Coronation
1862 Preston Guild
1889 Eiffel Tower Paris Medallion
1896 Blackpool Gigantic Wheel Erected Medallion
1902 Coronation Medallion - Official
1902 Preston Guild - Copper
1902 Preston Guild - Pair
1928 Blackpool Gigantic Wheel Dismantled Medallion
1953 Coronation Medallion
2006 World Trade Center Commemorative
Blackpool Big Wheel Medallion - Erected 1896
Nelson and the Foudroyant
Nelson's Foudroyant - Small Medallion
Victoria - Honor Virtutis Praemium

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