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Roman Historical Notes
Crispus Obv
Obverse featurying Crispus

Crispus Rev
Reverse: 'Vot X' (Celebrating a tenth anniversary)

317 - 326 A.D. (Caesar))
Crispus was the eldest son of Constantine the Great, by his first wife Minervina. Crispus was made Caesar by his father in 317, and Constantine gave him a great deal of responsibility at a young age. He was given control of Gaul and Germania, where he led Roman forces to a series of victories against the Franks and Alamanni. Later, Crispus was put in command of his father's navy and led the Constantinian fleet to victory against the Navy of Licinius at the Battle of Hellespont in 324.
In spite of this loyal service and the familial bonds between a father and a son, Crispus was executed on the orders of his father in 326, and was subsequently subjected to the Damnatio Memoriae were Constantine attempted to wipe all traces of his existance from official records. The ancient sources suggest that the reason for this turn of events was because Crispus' stepmother Faustina accused Crispus of rape, which was initially believed at tht time but which Constantine later discovered to be false and had her put to death also, some months after the execution of Crispus. However, the fact that Constantine never lifted the Damnation Memoriae against his son once the 'truth' had come out suggests that it is more likely that Crispus and Faustina really did have some kind of affair, or were genuinely believed to have had one, and the real reason for the long gap between the execution of Crispus and that of Faustina was due to the latter being pregnant. Constantine may therefore have been biding his time waiting for his adulterous wife to give birth to his child or grandchild before he put her to death.

Obverse legend translates as 'Crispus Noble Caesar' Whilst the Reverse legend translates as 'Our Lord Caesar'.

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Roman Historical Notes
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