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Reverse of 1662 Charles II Crown
2008 Two Pound Coin Silver Proof - Obverse

Reverse of 1935 George V Crown
2008 Two Pound Coin Silver Proof - Reverse

Reverse of 2005 Trafalgar Crown
2007 Two Pound Coin Silver Proof - Reverse

Crown Coin Specifications
This page lists the specifications of Crowns (Five Shillings) and Five Pound Coins over the years. You can find the specifications for each indiviual dated crown on their own page, with the option to buy.

Technical Specifications
Issue MonarchDiameterWeight VersionAlloyAMW
1604-1605James I (2nd Coinage) 1.92Gold.9160.057
1509-1547Henry VIII  Gold  
1551-1553Edward VI  Silver.925 
1601-1602Elizabeth I43.00 Silver.925 
1604-1609James I (2nd Coinage) 2.25Gold.9160.066
1604-1613James I (2nd Coinage) 28.28Silver0.9250.8410
1615-1616James I (2nd Coinage) 2.25Gold.9160.066
1620-1624James I (3rd Coinage)43.5028.28Gold.9250.8410
1625-1626Charles I 2.250Gold.9160.066
1631-1641Charles I (Tower Mint)43.0028.28Silver.925 
1631-1632Charles I (Milled)44.00 Silver  
1635-1636Charles I (Tower Mint) 2.25Gold0.9160.066
1642-1643Charles I (Truro Mint)46.00 Silver0.925 
1643-1646Charles I43.0028.28Silver.925 
1658Oliver Cromwell39.50 Silver.925 
1662-1684Charles II38.6128.28Silver.9250.8410
1686-1688James II38.6128.28Silver.9250.8410
1691-1692William & Mary38.6128.28Silver.9250.8410
1695-1700William III38.6128.28Silver.9250.8410
1716-1726George I38.6128.28Silver.9250.8410
1732-1751George II38.6128.28Silver.9250.8410
1818-1820George III38.6128.28Silver.9250.8410
1821-1826George IV38.6128.28Silver.9250.8410
1831-1834William IV38.6128.28Silver.9250.8410
1902Edward VII38.6128.28Silver.9250.8410
1927-1936George V38.6128.28Silver.5000.455
1937George VI38.6128.28Silver.5000.455
1951George VI38.6128.28Cupro-Nickel  
1953-PresentElizabeth II38.6128.28Cupro-Nickel  
1972-PresentElizabeth II38.6128.28Silver Proof0.9250.8410
2004-PresentElizabeth II38.6156.56Silver Piedfort0.9251.682
1990-PresentElizabeth II38.6139.94Gold Proof0.9171.1775
2004-2015Elizabeth II38.6194.20Platinum Proof0.9953.0271

Diameter = Diameter in millimetres
Weight = Weight in grams
Alloy = Proportion of precious metal
AMW = Actual weight in relevant precious metal content in troy ounces.

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