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Cubic Zirconia or Diamond?

Our Cubic Zirconia Rings Look Like Real Diamond Rings
Many cubic zirconia (CZ) rings look cheap and nasty. Ours are different, and look like real, expensive, diamond rings. The secret is no secret! We simply use high quality real diamond ring mounts to set them in.

Cheap or Inexpensive?
Unfortunately, because CZ is inexpensive to buy, many jewellery manufacturers have churned it out in cheap, and often nasty looking, jewellery, usually in 9 carat gold. Most consumers buying a CZ ring have bought it as a diamond substitute, and believe that it looks like a real diamond ring.

The Quality View
We take a different view. A good quality diamond of reasonable size would never be mounted in 9 carat gold, or even 14 carat. Real diamond rings are invariably mounted in 18 carat gold, sometimes platinum. To create a ring or other article of jewellery which looks realistically like diamond jewellery, it is necessary to use a real diamond mount, and to have the stones properly set, rather than skimp on the quality of the setting work.
If CZ's are mounted in real, high quality, diamond mounts, then they are impossible to tell apart from diamonds using the naked eye, and without instruments.

Imitation Diamond or Jewel In Its Own Right?
Actually we believe that CZ possesses its own beauty and attraction, and our company have designed and created pieces of jewellery using CZ which were intended to exist as a jewel in their own right, and not meant to be mistaken for diamond. We still strongly believe that this is not only a logical and sensible, but also a creative view. It stems from our belief that jewellery is meant to give pleasure, and to be worn as an adornment.
Whether you view a CZ ring as an imitation diamond ring or as a beautiful piece of jewellery in its own right, is a matter of your own personal style. For a budget of a few hundred pounds you could own jewellery which would cost thousands or even millions in real diamonds.
Please see our advice about jewellery as an investment.

CZ jewellery can be cleaned using hot soapy water, or detergent, rinse thoroughly afterwards as detergents can cause dermatitis and allergic reactions. Enzyme cleaners should be avoided for the same reasons. Brushing with an old tooth brush to remove dirt and grease will also help. Cleaning agents containing chlorine may have a detrimental effect on low carat gold alloys, so are best avoided. the Lowest Possible Price

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