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But see our new Freshwater Pearl Necklet offer.
This offer has now expired (November 2000). We have left it on our site to give an idea of the type of special offers we make. It was current for over 12 months. The pearl market is subject to seasons and harvests, often a particular size or quality will be in surplus supply, and can represent extra good value. We are currently looking for a replacement of this particular offer.

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Special Offer - Cultured Pearls
Necklet and Ear-Rings
See our new Freshwater Pearl Necklet offer.
We do not usually feature cultured pearls in our stock, because we tend to concentrate on diamond rings and gold jewellery. However, we were recently talking to a major pearl importer about our website, and they came up with two complementary special offers.

We believe both of these offers represent excellent value for money.

The value of pearls depend on several factors: size, colour, surface, regularity of shape, lustre, and quality of matching. In recent years, the pearl producers have over-produced, creating a buyers market, with excellent value available in some qualities. A few years ago, at the price of our offers, all that would have been available would have been very small or low quality pearls. For an absolutely top quality necklet, it would still be possible to pay well over £1,000. For the quality of pearls in our offer, it would have been easy to pay £200 to £300.
Both offers are by "Lotus", and are in attractive matching presentation boxes.

A 16" strand of cultured pearls, containing approximately 64 pearls, each about 6mm diameter. The strand is fully knotted between each pearl for extra security, and the necklet comes complete with a nine carat gold fluted barrel fastener which features a safety device.
The pearls are an attractive creamy colour, with good lustre, smooth regular round appearance, and are well matched.
SRP £135 / $189
Our Club Members Price £89 / $125
$139 US including airmail postage.

Matching the necklet, and size 6 to 6.5mm, with 9 carat gold fittings.
SRP £42 / $59
Our Club Members Price £28 / $39
$45 US including airmail postage.

Postage and Packing Extra
Per order, any quantity.
£2 at Buyer's Risk, or...
£5 by Registered Post
US prices include airmail postage.

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