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Obverse of 1875 Denmark 2 Kroner
Obverse of 1875 Danish 2 Kroner


Reverse of 1875 Danish 2 Kroner
Reverse of 1875 Danish 2 Kroner

Obverse of 1899 Denmark 2 Kroner
Obverse of 1899 Danish 2 Kroner


Reverse of 1899 Danish 2 Kroner
Reverse of 1899 Danish 2 Kroner

Denmark 10 Kroners

Frederick IX on Obverse of 1968 Danish 10 Kroner

Princess Benedikte on Reverse of 1968 Danish Silver 10 Kroner
Princess Benedikte on Reverse of 1968 Danish Silver 10 Kroner

Denmark is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe. Its capital is Copenhagen.

Danish Coins
Coins were first minted in Denmark under Sweyn Forkbeard in 995, the coins minted were silver pennings (pennies), and may well have been influenced by their dealings with Anglo-Saxon pennies looted and traded for by the Danes. In 1625, the Danish currency was reformed, with 12 Pennings to the Skilling (shilling) and 16 Skilling to the Mark, with 6 Marks to the Rigsdaler. In 1713, the currency was divided into two systems, courant and specie, with the former a debased version of the latter, which was still strictly tied to a precious metal standard. By the time the currency was reformed again in 1813, the Specie Rigsdaler was worth 12 times that of its Courant equivilent. The 1812 reform, brought about by Denmarks disastrous involvement in the Napoleonic Wars, established the new Rigsbankdaler at 6 Rigsdaler Courant to the Rigsbankdaler, subdivided into 96 Rigsbankskilling. With the disappearance of the Speciedaler, the new currency was renamed Rigsdaler in 1854.

The Rigsdaler was abolished when, with the formation of the Scandanavian Monetary Union in 1873, the Rigsdaler was replaced by the Krone (Crown) at 2 Kroners to the Rigsdaler. Although the Scandanvian Monetary Union broke up in 1914, the name of the Danish currency has remained the same down to the present day.
Modern Danish coins are denominated in Kroners, subdivided into 100 Ore.

Further Information
For more information on Danish history and coinage please see our history page.

DenominationDiameterFinenessWeightSilver Content
2 Kroner300.80015.00.3858
10 Kroner35.50.80020.40.5247

Denomination = Face Value of Coin
Diameter = Diameter in millimetres
Fineness = Proportion of silver
Weight = Total weight in grams
Silver Content = Actual fine silver content in troy ounces.

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DateDenomDescriptionMintageGradeAvailabilityPrice £Price $Price €
18752 KronerChristian IX3,396,000 Yes£Ask$Ask€Ask
18992 KronerChristian IX152,000aVFYes£75$120€90
196810 KronerWedding of Princess Benedikte254,000UncirculatedAsk£20$32€24
197210 Kroner

Mintage = Quantity issued, where known, otherwise issue limit.

Princess Benedikte Wedding Coin
We have featured a 1968 Ten Kroner coin which has the date 3 - 2 - 1968, issued to celebrate the wedding of Princess Benedikte. On February 3rd 1968 she married Prince Richard of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg. They live at the family castle in Berleburg, and have three grown-up children: Prince Gustav, Princess Alexandra, and Princess Nathalie.

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