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Real or Imitation?
Real or Imitation?

Diamonair or Diamonaire
Diamonair is or was a registered trade mark and brand name, previously used to describe the synthetic diamond simulant YAG (Yttrium Aluminium Garnet), and possibly later used to describe cubic zirconia, a popular modern diamond simulant.

Diamond Simulants
There have been many natural and synthetic stones used to simulate diamond, these include glass, quartz, rock crystal (colourless quartz), natural rutile, synthetic rutile, natural sapphire, synthetic sapphire, natural spinel, synthetic spinel, strontium titanate, yttrium aluminium garnet (Y.A.G.), cubic zirconia, and synthetic moissanite.

Other Brand Names
Diagem, Diakon, Dialite, Diamonique, Diamanite, Diamite, Diamogem, Diamonair, Diamonaire, Diamonaura, Diamon-brite, Diamone, Diamonesque, Diamonette, Diamonflame, Diamonite, Diamonte, Diamontina, Diamondite, Diamothyst, Diarita, Di'Yag, Djevalite, are all brand names which have or may have been used, and possibly registered trade marks for diamond simulants, or for simulated diamond jewellery.
We do not currently know which if any if the above are still in use or still registered. If the owners of the names would care to contact us with further information, we will be happy to include it on this page or elsewhere on our site.
We believe that many of these names may have been applied at the time to a variety of different diamond simulants.

"An Illustrated Dictionary of Jewelry", by Harold Newman lists :-
"Diamonair" as "A trade name for a colourless synthetic garnet (yttrium aluminium garnet) or YAG, that simulates a diamond", and
"Diagem" as "A trade name for strontium titanate". the Lowest Possible Price

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