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1.13 Carat G Colour, SI1 Certificated Diamond
D Colour, Internally Flawless
Best Deals on Certified Diamonds
Here's a great deal for UK and EU customers, and probably the best ever way to make sure you have got the best deal for your money when buying a quality diamond. Beat This
When you are ready for stage 4 above, simply send us precise details of the deal, preferably by post or fax, let us know how you would like to improve on the deal, and give us a few days to check whether we can beat your best deal. You have nothing to lose except for a small amount of your time, and we may be able to save you more than you expected. Even if we can't deal your preferred deal, we may be able to give you some valuable advice for free.

Simply send us a photocopy or fax of the complete diamond specification, and other details of the deal, such as supplier, price etc. Tell us in what way you would prefer us to try to beat the offer, size, clarity, colour, make, laboratory, or price. Give us a reasonable time, and let us see what we can do for you.
Please do tell us all you know about the deal, don't try to conceal anything, because if we are trying to help you get your best deal, the more we know, the better armed we are to help.
Do let us know your maximum budget if it is higher than the existing offer, or preferred budget otherwise. For example if you have £4,000 to spend, and your best deal comes to £3,500; we may be able to find you a bigger stone of the same quality for a better per carat price.
Please do allow us enough time to research adequately, and let us know your timescale, it's in your interest.

Assuming Same Grades
Original Deal
Improved Deal
Example #BudgetWishesWeight£ Per  CaratPrice £Weight£ Per  CaratPrice £
Example 1£4,000Bigger or Better Diamond0.70£5,000£3,5000.81£4,938£4,000
Example 2£3,500Within Budget0.80£5,000£4,0000.71£4,930£3,500
In example 1, you found the quality grades you wanted, but would prefer and could afford a larger stone, we may be able to find you a bigger stone of the same quality for the same or lower per carat price.
In example 1, you again found the quality grades you wanted, but the weight of the stone took it above your budget, may may be able to find you a slighter smaller stone of the same quality within your budget.

Assuming Same Weight & Colour
Original Deal
Improved Deal
Example #ClarityWishesClarity£ Per  CaratClarity£ Per  Carat
Example 3VS2Higher ClarityVS2£5,000VS1£5,000
In example 3, you found the stone you wanted, but would prefer higher clarity, we may be able to find you one of higher clarity for the same or lower per carat price.

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