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Round Brilliant Cut Diamond
Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

You have learnt about the 4 C's of diamond quality and price.
You have sailed many more C's beyond the 4 C's.
We hope you will end up at Chard, after all you have worked hard to follow through our articles about choosing diamonds, and we have worked hard to put together the information for you. We hope we haven't made it all too long, and we hope we haven't missed too much out.

We Believe We Offer Great Value
It's difficult to compare diamonds for quality, weight and value. By trying to help you to appreciate a good deal, we hope that it helps you to decide on us as your supplier.
Of course, we have to have a design that you like! We don't expect to be able to please everybody. There are some designs which we try to avoid, because we know that they are impractical. We hope you will look at what we have to offer.

How Do We Do It?
We like to think that we offer excellent value across our whole range of jewellery, but particularly with our diamond rings. We can offer such good value because we design and make diamond rings. We work on about half a manufacturer's profit, plus half a retailer's profit, so we can make a reasonable living, and still offer you a great deal. If you visit our showroom, you will see that we don't go in for flashy, expensive, prestige fixtures and fittings. By being located on a main road but out-of-town, you will be able to park. If you deal with us by mail order, you wouldn't want to pay for us to have crystal chandeliers, and a uniformed doorman.

Head And Heart
All our advice has been aimed at winning your head. If you wish to ensure that you make a sensible and informed purchase, you do need to buy with your head.
We don't forget, and we hope that you won't, that you should also buy with your heart.
There shouldn't be a debate about whether to choose a diamond ring purchase with your head or with your heart. It should be a combined effort!

Are Chard Always The Best Value?
Not always!, But...
Many times we have seen people who thought they had got a better deal elsewhere, then a few years later, we see what they bought, and it frequently isn't the great deal they thought they had got! Perhaps we should feel guilty because we should have used some hard-sell on them, but it isn't something we would feel comfortable doing.
Obviously, if you had the time to shop around for long enough, you would be able to find anything cheaper, but if we compare the number of times we have seen someone get a better deal elsewhere, we would have to conclude that it's probably not even worth the effort of trying.

How To Get Better Value Than At Chard
To get even better prices, you should have bought from us about five to ten years ago. Believe it or not, we used to charge even less for our high quality jewellery. We decided that if you wanted us to stay in business, we needed to increase our prices, otherwise we wouldn't have been here now.

What To Do Now
This is the last page of our diamond advice section. As we said at the start of this page, we hope you will end up at Chard.
All you need to do now is choose which of our diamond rings you like best, print off the page, staple your cheque to your order, and post it to us.
Don't forget to include your name, address, and finger size!

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