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Coloured Diamonds

The Best Kept Secret
Most people have never even heard of coloured diamonds. Almost all of the publicity and advertising for diamonds is slanted towards convincing consumers that white, or more accurately colourless, is the only desirable colour for diamonds, and that diamonds with a slight tinge of yellow or brown are less attractive and therefore less desirable. While we would broadly agree with this, diamonds do occur in a wide variety of colours. Many of these colours are very attractive and the diamonds are even more desirable than colourless ones. This is especially true of intensely coloured diamonds. You may wonder why, if coloured diamonds are so fabulous, why don't you hear more about them?

Coloured Diamonds Are Very Rare!
Probably the main reason why coloured diamonds are hardly ever promoted is the very fact that they are so rare. Why bother to promote something with a very limited supply that you can't get enough of? De Beers, who own or control about half the world's diamond mines and marketing, have their own collection of natural fancy coloured diamonds, which they keep for themselves, and which are not for sale. It might even be harmful to their marketing if consumers decided that coloured stones were more interesting and exciting than colourless ones.

Argyle Socks it to De Beers
The Argyle diamond mine in Australia is now one of the world's largest and most productive diamond mines. It started production in 1985, and produces coloured diamonds. Most of its production is colourless or nearly so, and only a very tiny proportion are fancy coloured, nevertheless. Argyle produce more coloured diamonds than all other sources combined. Because of this, and because some coloured diamonds have been coming onto the market in the last few years, coloured diamonds are becoming better known, and rightly so. We have long believed that coloured diamonds are under-rated and under-appreciated. It has been widely reported that Argyle annoyed De Beers by marketing its own diamonds rather than joining the "cartel", and we suspect that Argyle's marketing of coloured diamonds will not please De Beers who want everybody to keep thinking that white is best.

Colour Prejudice
We think it's slightly sad that many people believe that white is best. Our belief is that the greater the variety of colour, the better. We have been trying to source coloured diamonds for many years, and it is only recently that we have been able to find such a good variety as we have recently.

Future Demand & Prices
Right now, we seem to be one of the only jewellers who believe in, and stock, coloured diamonds. We predict that within a few years coloured diamonds will be in great demand, and become highly sought after. Even though supplies are greater now than they ever have been, we believe that demand could easily outstrip supply. The greater availability means that more people will get to see coloured diamonds, and realise how great they look. When this happens, prices may rocket. Why not lead fashion instead of waiting to follow it, and also get in now before prices rise.

We have recently made up several Coloured Diamond Pendants, in a variety of colours for stock. However, as we also manufacture please do not panic if you do not see what you want, just telephone and see if we can help.

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Colour Enhanced Diamonds
It is also possible to enhance the colour of diamonds, please see our information page about enhancement.

For unmounted diamonds, please see our Unmounted Diamonds page.

For other unmounted gemstones, please see our Unmounted Gemstones page.

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