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Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

Comparison of Diamonds
It obviously makes sense to compare a selection of different diamonds before spending large amounts of money on buying one. That's fine if one store can show you a large selection of diamonds of different size, quality and price, but becomes a difficult problem when you want to compare between a number of diamonds in different shops. Even experts find it diffiicult to grade diamonds accurately without comparison stones, and particulalry when the diamonds are set in jewellery. This is where certification should help, but as we explain elsewhere, most diamonds are still not certificated, there is an extra cost involved, and not all certification is done to the same standards.

How & Why to Compare
Despite the difficulty in comparing many different diamonds, it will be worth doing if you are spending a large amount, and if it ensures that you end up with the best diamond for your money. The more knowledge you have about diamonds before you start, the more certain you are of getting the best deal and the best diamond. Obviously if you are reading this you are using the internet to research your subject, and that's a good start. We suggest you try to compile a shortlist of potential suppliers. We also suggest that if you find a store or salesperson who lies to you or tries to pressure you in any way, then you should remove that supplier from your shortlist.
You could also draw up a minimum or target specification for your diamond, which should help to focus your search. Be prepared to consider diamonds which fall outside this target if they offer other benefits, for example if you decided on a D colour, IF, 1 carat diamond, and get offered a D colour VVS, 2 carat one, it may be worth considering.
You might consider grading the suppliers on the basis of their knowledge and information, rather than on the imposing nature of their premises. The main reason we try to provide so much help and advice on our website is that we find that the best educated customers are the best customers, but then we try to provide a favourable balance of quality for price. Many High Street store with big margins would prefer less educated customers.

An Interesting Comparison
You may be interested to see notes about an independent report commisioned by a discount jeweller.

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