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Many years ago we put a page on our website about the jeweller who famously sold crap. This was in response to several e-mails we had asking what happened to Gerald Ratner, the jewellery store boss who claimed to sell "total crap". In keeping with the rest of our site, we tried to keep this page factually accurate and impartial. Some time later we started to get threatening letters from solicitors acting for Signet Group PLC, the owners of the trademark Ratner, advising us that that would take legal action against us unless we removed the page in question. Eventually, and very reluctantly, we did so. The reason we gave in was that we did not fancy spending vast sums of money on legal fees mounting a defense to defamation proceedings. Signet Group with its multi-million pound budget could have outspent us by a factor of about 1,000 to one. Legal battles are rather like playing poker, the player with the best hand is likely to lose if he has not got enough money to outbet his wealthier opponent. We do feel that we have let down our readers, viewers, customers, and all others who would have appreciated the information we were providing. To all those people, we would like to tell you we are sorry that we have been so cowardly as to give in to these bullies, but we must keep commercial reality in mind. We hope that you would prefer us to continue in business, and we decided this was the most sensible course of action.

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If you wish to avoid buying crap, please read all our pages about diamond quality. If you wish to avoid giving money to the big company bullies, go to a specialist or independent jeweller, and avoid the big multiple ones.

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