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1.13 Carat G Colour, SI1 Certificated Diamond
D Colour, Internally Flawless
Diamonds - Heart & Mind
Another of the C's of diamonds, the Italians would say Cuore et Cervello. Our advice is to use both your heart and your brains when choosing and buying a diamond, particularly as an engagement ring. The exact balance between heart and mind may be a matter of personal choice, but don't leave either at home when you shop for diamonds.

Heart - Cuore
A gift of a diamond is often a symbol of love, and an engagement ring should always carry this symbolism, so choosing it without using your heart, without emotion, would not be a great way of buying. We are great believers in getting the best value for your money, but you should also ensure that you get something your both love.

Mind - Cervello
When some people go out to buy an engagement ring, their brains just go out of the window, or perhaps they sit on them. Wrapped in clouds of love, or perhaps alcohol from the night before, they set out for the nearest brightly lit town centre jewellers, and buy the most ornate ring available, perhaps a fancy shape, and forget to ask any questions about quality, practicality, durability, and to cap it all, buy it on a credit card hoping they will be able to afford the payments later.

Use Heart & Mind Together
Using heart or mind on their own without the other might work some of the time, but it must be best to combine them in some proportion. What the best proportion is, we don't know, maybe it's 50/50, or perhaps 80/20. When we choose any diamond, we are trying to get the most attractive stone, the best sparkle, for the price, then we put loving care into the design and the creation of the ring it's going into. We would be disappointed if somebody bought it without using their heart, but we also expect that most of our customers would have chosen to buy from us because they had used their brains to make an intelligent choice.

Hearts & Arrows
Some diamond cutters promote "hearts and arrows" diamonds. When viewed from above, the kaleidoscope patterns you can see include areas which can be imagined as hearts and arrows. They argue, with some justification, that in perfectly symmetrical stones, these are more clearly visible, and even issue certificates for them. It might be nice to chose a diamond with hearts and arrows, but we think it's best to choose your diamond with hearts and minds.

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