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Diamond Facet Names
Diamond Facet Names

Brilliant Cut Diamond
Brilliant Cut Diamond

Diamond Facets & Facet Names
Modern Brilliant Cut
Often known as the brilliant, round, round brilliant, or "brill.". It has 58 facets, including the table and culet. On this page we discuss the various parts of a round brilliant cut diamond, and the names of each part.

Diamond Parts
The widest part of any round diamond, the part in the middle, is known as the girdle, which is probably quite self explanatory.
The top part, above the girdle is known as the crown, and the lower part below the girdle is known as the pavilion.
The point or small facet at the very bottom is known as the culet.
Each flat face of the diamond is known as a facet, and each type of facet has its own name.

Facet Names

The Girdle
In addition to the 58 facets listed above, some diamonds now have their girdles facetted rather than polished. These are not regarded or counted as a facet in the normal sense. Some girdles, particularly on older cut stones, are unpolished, leaving them with a matt finish.

Proportion & Depth
Gives diagrams and simple explanations for the most important aspects of proportion in polished diamonds.

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