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Large & Famous Diamonds
There are a number of famous diamonds. We show a table below of the largest diamonds known, along with their names and other details where known. Some of these stones have not been seen for a considerable period of time, and their exact details have not been able to be confirmed. Through the centuries, a number have been stolen or lost in wars, and disappeared, possibly having been recut. We will add more pages and more detail in due course about some of the most famous diamonds.

Table of Large Diamonds
01E+34*Lucy Centauri Spheroidal
1616Kimberley OctahedronYellowUncut
2545.67Golden Jubilee (previously Large Brown)BrownCushion
3530.20Cullinan IWhitePear
4407.48IncomparableBrownish YellowTriolette
5317.40Cullinan IIWhiteCushion
6273.85CentenaryWhite (D)Heart
8234.50De BeersLight YellowCushion
9205.07Red CrossYellowSquare Brilliant
10203.04Millennium StarWhite (D)Pear
11202Black Star of AfricaBlack 
12200.87 YellowPear
13200.07La LunaWhite (D)Heart
14198.28.87Great ChrysanthemumFancy BrownPear
15189.6Orlov (Orloff)Near WhiteRose
16185Darya-i-NurPale PinkRectangular
18183.00MoonNear WhiteRound
19180.85 YellowBriolette
20170.49Star of PeaceBrownish YellowPear
21160.18Table of IslamBlackEmerald Cut
22152.16 Silver CapeRectangular Old Brilliant
23151.91Hope of AfricaFancy YellowCushion
24150 YellowEmerald Cut
25141.23  Pear
26140.50RegentFaint BlueCushion
28137.27FlorentineLight YellowDouble Rose
29137.02Premier RoseWhitePear
31135.92Queen of HollandD*Cushion
32135.45 CapeOld Cushion
33135Mountain of Splendour  
34133.03Algeiba StarYellowSquare Brilliant
35132.42Golden HueYellowCushion
36130.00Great BrazilianWhite 
37128.80Star of the SouthBrownish PinkCushion
40127.01Portuguese BlueWhite; Strong Blue FluorescenceAsscher (Square Cushion)
41126Moon of the Mountains  
42125.33JonkerWhiteEmerald Cut
43123.93 Silvery CapeCushion
45121.90 YellowOctahedron
47116.60Vainer BrioletteYellowBriolette
49115.06Taj-i-MahWhiteMogul Cut
50115.00Edna StarWhiteEmerald Cut
51114.64 YellowBriolette
52114.28 Silvery CapeOld Cushion Cut
53114.03 YellowCushion
54112African YellowYellow 
55111.59Earth StarCoffeePear
56111.22 WhiteHeart
57109.26Cross of AsiaChampagneRectangular Radiant
58108.04AnonYellowEmerald Cut
61106.00 WhitePear
63105.54Soleil D'orYellowEmerald Cut
64105.51Star of EgyptWhiteEmerald Cut
65104.95Golden DoorYellowPear
66104.88DeepdeneYellow (Irradiated)Cushion
67104.52 Treated YellowCushion
68101.84 WhitePear
70101.14 WhiteKite
71100.52SunriseYellowEmerald Cut
7299.52Shah of PersiaYellowCushion
7385.93Stern's StarYellow 
7481.83 PinkOval
7572NepalPinkOld Mine
 67.89Victoria-TransvaalChampagne / Light BrownPear
 67.50Black Orloff (Orlov) or Eye of BrahmaBlackCushion
 59.60Steinmetz "Jewel in the Crown"Pink 
 55.09Kimberley?ChampagneEmerald Cut
 54.12Empress Eugenie Pear
 35.56WittelsbachBlueOld Mine
 35.27Sultan of MoroccoGreyish BlueCushion / Round?
 30.82Blue Heart (previously Unzue, Couer, and erroneously Eugenie Blue)BlueHeart
 27.64Heart of EternityBlueHeart
 25.02Rose of DubaiPinkPear
 25Transvaal BlueBluePear
 9.01Condé PinkPinkPear
 6.04Moussaieff BlueBlueOctagonal
 5.11Moussaieff RedRedTrilliant
 0.90Hancocks RedRed 

1E+34 = 1 x 1034 = 10 bilion trillion trillion carats.

Colour Summary
Of the above numbered diamonds, 23 are shown as white or near white, 26 yellow, 1 brown, 2 brownish yellow, 2 black, 2 blue, 1 pink, 1 coffee, 1 champagne, and 5 are of unspecified colour.
The list contains a disproportionate number of coloured diamonds, although many of those shown as a yellow may actually be near colourless as only one is described as "fancy yellow". One factor which may influence the number of coloured diamonds listed is that coloured diamonds are rare and attractive, and would more easily become famous.

Coloured Diamonds

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More Information
Our thanks go to Ryan Thompson for providing a number of corrections and additions to our original table. You may wish to take a look at his site You may notice it's very rare for us to place a link on our site to external sites, so this link is indeed a compliment to Ryan.
D* = The Queen of Holland is usually noted as being blue, but according to Ryan Thompson, it is actually D colour, it is possible that it has some blue fluorescence.

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