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Obverse of 1887 Double Florin
Obverse of 1887 Double Florin

Reverse of 1887 Double Florin
Reverse of 1887 Double Florin

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Double Florin Story
A brief history of the double florin.

Victoria 1837 - 1901
1887 Double Florin
1888 Double Florin
1889 Double Florin
1890 Double Florin

Twenty Pences
Double florins, or four shilling pieces, were of course the forerunner of the decimal twenty pence (20p).

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Historical Notes on England's Kings and Queens
You may wish to visit our portrait gallery of English/British monarchs. Although it is not complete, we add new and better coins when we can. We are always keen to buy superior quality British coins to upgrade our photo gallery. the Lowest Possible Price

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