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Obverse of 1937 Pattern Double Florin in Gold
Obverse of 1937 Pattern Double Florin in Gold

Reverse of 1937 Pattern Double Florin in Gold
Reverse of 1937 Pattern Double Florin in Gold

Coins of Edward VIII

Edward VIII
It is well known that Edward VIII abdicated because he wished to marry Wallis Simpson, and was never crowned. Edward had become the uncrowned king on the death of his father George V on 20th January 1936, and abdicated on 11th December 1936, marrying Wallis on 3rd June 1937. His actions had created a constitutional crisis which was only narrowly averted by his abdication. On giving up the throne, he was given the title Duke of Windsor, and his wife Wallis became Duchess of Windsor.

Coins of Edward VIII
All British coins of 1936 bear the name and portrait of George V, and all those of 1937 bear the name and portrait of George VI. No British coins were officially issued bearing the name or portrait of Edward VIII. British West Africa and British East Africa issued coins dated 1936 bearing his name, but with no portrait. These are quite common. Official dies and pattern coins for Edward were produced dated 1937 but were never issued for circulation, and remain very rare collectors items. The proposed twelve sided brass threepence is believed to have been produced in slightly larger quantities than the other pattern coins, for issue on loan to manufacturers of coin operated slot machines. It is likely that a few of these were retained by the manufacturers, and may turn up on the collectors market at some stage, at least one has previously been sold at auction. Because of the rarity of official Edward VIII coins, there are few opportunites for collectors to acquire an officially issued portrait coin of Edward.

Unofficial Patterns
In the 1950's a London coin dealer, Geoffrey Hearn issued a series of privately issued pattern crowns of Edward VIII, including Australia, Britain, Ceylon and Cyprus. Since then, these pattern crowns have been restruck on at least one other occasion from the original dies, although it is believed that the dies may have been somewhat rusted, leading to some retouching of the originals. In addition, a number of other unofficial privately issued Edward VIII coins have been produced. the main reason for the repeated issues of private patterns appears to be demand from collectors for coins or medallions bearing the portrait of Edward VIII. A very few official Edward VIII coins have ever appeared on the market, and these have sold at tens of thousands of pounds. It is perfectly understandable therefore that there should be a steady demand for substitute coins. It is probably best to think of these unofficial patterns as fantasy coins or medallions. Most of them are available for modest amounts, and we believe they make an interesting addition to a coin collection.

Edward VIII Pattern Coins
1936 Pattern Crowns with Shield Reverse
1936 Pattern Crowns
1937 Double Florin in Gold
1937 Double Florins in Silver Copper & Bronze
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