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Obverse of Ethelred II Silver Penny
Reverse of Ethelred II Silve Penny Showing CRUX Reverse Type
Ethelred II - The Unready

Silver Penny Crux Reverse Type
Ethelred II is one of the most remembered English kings. Unfortunately he is remembered as being "Ethelred the Unready".
"Unready" comes from "unrede" meaning "without counsel". Although Ethelred does appear to have acted indecisively, he reigned at a difficult period when Britain was coming under increasing pressure from the Danes and other invaders.
About 40 million silver pennies were struck during his reign, mostly to buy off the invaders, always a short term solution. These payments were known as "Danegeld".

Portrait of Ethelred, left, holding sceptre.

The letters C R U X in the four angles of a short cross.
Seaby catalogue #1148

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