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Euro Coins - Relative Sizes
We can't make these coins life-size, because that would depend on the size of your monitor. You wouldn't believe it but people ask us all the time! We have shown each coin in proportion, with its actual diameter shown also. For more information about specifications of all Euro coins, please see our Euro Coins page.

2 Euro - 25.75 mms.

1 Euro - 23.25 mms.

50 Cents - 24.25 mms.

20 Cents - 22.25 mms.

10 Cents - 19.75 mms.

5 Cents - 21.25 mms.

2 Cents - 18.75 mms.

1 Cent - 16.25 mms.
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Please note we now have a new website exclusively dedicated to Euro coins. The Euro section of this site, which you are currently at, will no longer be updated. All Euro updates will be at

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