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Roman Historical Notes
Faustina Obv
Obverse of Faustina Denarius

Faustina Rev
Reverse of Faustina Denarius

Faustina: Wife of Antoninus Pius 100 - 141 A.D. (Lifetime)

Faustina Senior (also known as Faustina I) was the wife of Antoninus Pius. What little is known about her is that she died in the third year of Antoninus' reign at the age of 36. The evidence from ancient sources suggest that she was not particularly well liked as an empress, although this is said by later historians to be unsubstantiated and uncorroborated. Antoninus Pius does seem to have loved her however, and had her deified after her death. Most of her coins are posthumous issues describing her as 'Diva Faustina'. The Concordia (Goddess of Agreement and Marital Harmony) reverse is a significant indicator of Antoninus' desire to advertise his happy marriage to Faustina.

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Roman Historical Notes
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