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Reverse of 1998 Fifty Pence
Reverse of 1998 Silver Proof EU Commemorative Fifty Pence
Reverse of 2004 Silver Proof Four Minute Mile Fifty Pence
Reverse of 2004 Silver Proof Four Minute Mile Fifty Pence
Fifty Pence Pieces

The Story of the Fifty Pence

Fifty Pence - Specifications

1973 EEC Commemorative
1992 - 1993 EC Commemorative
1994 D-Day 50th Anniversary
1997 New Smaller Diameter
1998 Three Designs
2000 British Public Libraries
2003 Women's Suffrage
2004 Four Minute Mile
2005 Samuel Johnson's Dictionary
2006 VC - Both & Britannia
2006 VC - The Award
2006 VC - Heroic Actions
2007 Centenary 100th Anniversary of the Scouting Movement
2008 Fifty Pence - Farewell Britannia
2009 250th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew in 1759
2010 UK Centenary 100th Anniversary of Girl Guiding
2011 London 2012 Olympic Collection
2011 WWF 50th Anniversary
2013 Christopher Ironside Design
2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games
2015 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain
2016 950th Anniversary of the Battle of Hastings
2016 150th Anniversary of Beatrix Potter

2016 Peter Rabbit

2016 Jemima Puddle-Duck

2016 Mrs Tiggy-Winkle

2016 Squirrel Nutkin

2016 Team GB Rio Olympics

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Fifty Pence Coin Sets
1992/93 Fifty Pence Two Coin Set
1992/93 - 1994 Fifty Pence Two Coin Set
1994 Silver Proof Three Coin Set
1994 Allied Invasion Silver Proof Three Coin Collection
1997 Silver Proof Fifty Pence Two Coin Set
1998 Fifty Pence Two Coin Set
2003 Silver Proof Piedfort Three Coin Set
2004 Three Coin Set
2005 Three Coin Set
2006 Fifty Pence Two Coin Set
2007 Six Coin Family Proof Collection
2009 Four Coin Piedfort Silver Proof Collection
2009 Six Coin Silver Proof Collection
1969 - 2009 Silver Proof Fifty Pence Collection

2012 London Olympics Coin Design Competition
The Royal Mint has announced a public design competition, to create 29 designs for 50 pence coins, for the 30th Olympics Games London 2012.
We guess that the new coin designs will start appearing on coins dated 2009, and will continue through 2010, and 2011, to 2012 itself.
This holds the possibility that the British public will catch coin fever in a similar way to the US States Quarters programme, which ran over 10 years with 5 coins per year making a total of 50 designs.

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1973 Silver Piedfort Proof - Rumour & eBay Sale

Mis-Struck 1999 Fifty Pence

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