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Obverse of Mis-Struck 1999 Fifty Pence
Obverse of Mis-Struck 1999 Fifty Pence

Reverse of Mis-Struck 1999 Fifty Pence
Reverse of Mis-Struck 1999 Fifty Pence

Mis-Struck 1999 Fifty Pence
We came across this interesting fifty pence recently. It is dated 1999, but has has an almost blank reverse side.

How Was It Made?
We can take a guess, but are not quite certain. When we first saw it, and we got it in change at our local supermarket, we thought it may have been an interesting copy, because it seemed to be lighter in weight, and also in colour. However when we weighed it, we found that the weight was correct.
Errors of different kinds used to be quite common, but in recent years, we have seen less errors and mis-struck coins than we used to. In most cases, we can take a reasonably accurate guess at what caused the particular error, in this case we are not certain, so we have asked Mr. Dyer of the Royal Mint's Museum to take a look at it, and give us his opinion on the case of the error.

We will let you know his verdict soon.

People phone us all the time with details of coin errors, and they usually want to know their value. There has never been a great market in error coins, usually error collectors only want to pay a few pounds at most.
If you have found a similar error or mis-struck coin, please don't phone us to ask its value, we have already told you in the previous sentence. Our purpose in publishing this page is for public interest.

Very Large Image of Obverse (Head Side)

Very Large Image of Reverse (Tail Side)

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