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Diamond or CZ? 5 Stone Row

Five stone rings in either diamond or cubic zirconia are extremely versatile - they can be worn as an engagement, eternity or dress ring.

5419Claw Set Five Stone in 18ct White Gold
Claw Set Cubic Zirconia Five Stone in 18ct White Gold4839Claw Set Five Stone in 18ct White Gold
3970Graduated Five Stone in 18ct Yellow Gold

Presentation Box £2

Postage and Packing £5 UK / $10 US

We can supply similar rings with different stone sizes, in any finger size.
If you prefer all 18 carat white gold, we can also supply, at a slight extra cost. If you want to go really wild, and have your Fabulous Fake in platinum, we can do that too!
We prefer not to make our rings in alloys lower than 18 carat.

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