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Portrait of Florian on Antoninianus
Portrait of Florian on Antoninianus
Virtus Aug on Reverse of Antoninianus of Florian
Virtus Aug
AD 276
Marcus Annius Florianus
Florian was the half brother of the Emperor Tacitus.
When Tacitus agreed to accept the purple after an interregnum of about eight months following the murder of Aurelian, Florian accompanied him on a campaign to Thrace, where they repelled a Gothic invasion of Asia Minor. When Tacitus, who was aged 75, died from the rigours of the campaign and the climate, Florian was raised to Emperor by the Senate, and with the agreement of the Western provinces. The Eastern empire, particularly Syria, however proclaimed Probus as their choice of Emperor, and Florian immediately marched against him. Before they met in battle, Florian was murdered by his own soldiers after a reign of less than three months.

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