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Reverse of 1990 Jamaica Silver Proof $25
Reverse of 2002 Korea 1000 Won Fifa World Cup

Coins by Theme
2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany on Reverse of 2003 Canada Silver Proof $5
2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany on Reverse of 2003 Canada Silver Proof $5

Obverse of 2003 Canada Silver Proof $5
Obverse of 2003 Canada Silver Proof $5

Football Coins of the World

World Proof Silver Crowns & Dollars
On this page we list of selection of silver proof crowns or crown sized coins, issued by a large number of different countries, each with soccer (association football) game as its theme.
Where the event commemorated is different from the date of the coin, we show the event date as part of the description.
There may be more coins, including football issues on the separate page for each country, although please note we do not yet have a separate page for every country.

CountryDateDenominationDescriptionMintageStockPrice £Price $
Bulgaria1994500 LevaWorld Cup Soccer80,000Yes£20$30
Canada2003$5 Silver2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany Ask£Ask$Ask
Egypt1992500 Leva25th Olympic Games Soccer25,000Yes£20$30
Hungary1989500 Forint1990 - World Football Championship - 2 Players15,000Yes£15$25
Jamaica1990$25World Championships Yes£20$37
Korea North D.P.R.1988500 WonFootball World Championship Italy 1990 Yes£15$25
Korea North D.P.R.1989500 WonFootball World Championship Italy 90 Yes£15$25
Niue1990$501990 Italy XIV World Championships - Player Kicking Ball20,000Yes£20$30
Russia19903 Rubles SilverEuropean Football Championship Match - Belgium / Netherlands No£$
South Korea20017 Coin Set2002 Japan Korea FIFA World Cup Yes£4.95$9
USA199450 Cents1994 USA FIFA World Cup Yes£$
Mintage = Quantity issued, where known, otherwise issue limit.

More Football Coins
1982IOMWorld Cup FootballCrown
1996UKWorld Cup FootballTwo Pounds
1998IOMWorld Cup FootballCrown
1999UKRugby World CupTwo Pounds

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Fully Insured $20
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1996 British £2 Coin - World Cup

Olympic Coins

World Crown Sized - Base Metal

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