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We Wish to Buy Bulk Foreign Coins
We are always prepared to buy any coins. Whether they are rare, valuable pieces or a bag of junk, we will buy any and all coins, and pay a reasonable and fair price for them. This includes bulk foreign coins in any quantity.

Charity Collections
For many years a number of charities have collected foreign coins in varying quantities and by various methods. We are happy to buy these in any quantity. This is a simple but effective method of fund-raising. Most people return from holidays with a pocket-full of change which cannot be exchanged at UK banks. They are often quite happy to donate them to charity because they are of no immediate value to the owner. Millions of British holidaymakers go abroad every year, and most probably have coins at home from the past 10 years holidays. We hesitate to try to estimate the total, but it could conceivably be hundreds of millions of pounds.

The Euro
With the impending introduction of the Euro, there has never been a better time for charities to collect foreign coins and banknotes. Many of the Euro coins will only be exchangeable for a limited period, and some countries have been known to change the rules without warning. The relatively recent French brass 10 Francs are now irredeemable even at the Paris Mint, Spanish 25 pesetas and other coins also. Some countries impose charges or other obstacles to redemption.
It will be important to act as early as possible, both to collect and to redeem Euro zone coins.

Many people bring back banknotes, too. Because of banks minimum handing charges, often it is not worthwhile to exchange small amounts of foreign currency in the form of notes. By collecting and accumulating larger amounts, it is possible to gain the advantage of having worthwhile amounts. Some banknotes are obsolete, and may be virtually worthless, while others may be semi-obsolete in that they can be redeemed in the original country. Even totally obsolete banknote in good condition may have a small value for the collectors market. We will buy any banknotes in any quantity at a suitable rate. Each lot needs to be assessed on its own merits.

Recovery Rates & Prices
The price we can pay for any lot of foreign coins or notes needs to be assessed on an individual basis because of the large number of variables. We need to take into account the following factors:-

Amount of Sorting
We can pay more for fully sorted lots than for partially or completely unsorted lots. Labour costs for sorting are important.
We are usually able to pay a higher recovery rate for larger volumes than for smaller lots.
Geographic Proximity
We can pay more for coins from nearby countries than for far distant countries.
Collection or Delivery Points
Usually we ask for material to be delivered to us, although we can arrange for collection, particularly for larger amounts.
We are happy to pay on delivery to us or collection by us, but this means we have to estimate the gross yield, sorting costs and other factors. Alternatively we can pay after we have completed the sorting or disposal, or can pay an advance with the final balance paid depending on results.
Price Guidelines
We are slightly reluctant to give sample prices because of the great variation of batch sizes and yields, but the following can be taken as a rough guide, bearing in mind the above factors:- Unsorted mixed foreign coins £1 to £2 per kilo.*
Larger denomination current coins, sorted, 50% to 80% of face value.
Smaller denomination coins, sorted, up to 50% of face value.
* There are many smaller, lower value coins, particularly from distant countries which have almost zero value. These affect the price of the unsorted or mixed coins. Examples include US and Canadian cents, Spanish 1 peseta coins.
On banknotes, we will pay from 50% to 98% of face value for current notes, similar rates to coins for semi-obsolete notes, and £1 to £10 per hundred for obsolete or collectable notes depending on condition, etc.

...and pay good prices!

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