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Obverse of 1960 French Silver 5 Francs
Obverse of 1960 French Silver 5 Francs

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Reverse of 1960 French Silver 5 Francs
Reverse of 1960 French Silver 5 Francs
French Silver 5 Franc Coins
France issued silver 5 francs between 1960 and 1969, featuring Semeuse (the Sower).
KM = Krause Mishler Number 926.

The Sower
Originally designed in 1898 by French engraver Louis Oscar Roty, 1846 to 1911. Roty was a prolific sculpture and engraver. His works can be found in most major European museums. His best known work is probably Semeuse, The Sower which has now appeared on various French coins for over a century, having first appeared on an 1898 5 francs essai, and then having transferred to the euro 20 cents.
She is shown wearing a Phrygian cap (Liberty Cap or Bonnet Phrygien), a soft, red, conical cap with the top pulled forward, originally worn in antiquity by the inhabitants of Phrygia, a region of central Anatolia. It was worn by freed Roman slaves, was adopted as a symbol of freedom or revolution during the French Revolution, and is now often used to represent freedom, or the search for liberty. It appear on US and other American coins, sometimes shown on a short pole.
Phrygian caps are also worn by Smurfs (Schtoumpfs)

Silver 5 Francs
French 5 franc coins have varied in size, metal, and alloy due to inflation, precious metal prices, and other factors. The 1960 to 1969 "Semeuse" issue are a similar size to a US half dollar, or an old English florin. They contain almost a third of an ounce of fine silver. The same design continued from 1970 to 2001, but in a nickel clad cupro-nickel composition.

5 Francs28.712.0000.83500.3221

Notes on Table
Weight = Weight in grams
Purity = Purity of alloy.
ASW = Actual silver content in troy ounces.

Price & Availability
DateDenominationDescription MintageGradeAvailabilityPrice £Price $Price €
19605 FrancsSemeuse - The Sower55,182,000about EFYes£9$14€11
19605 FrancsSemeuse - The Sower55,182,000AUYes£10$16€12
19615 FrancsSemeuse - The Sower15,630,000about EFYes£9$14€11
19615 FrancsSemeuse - The Sower15,630,000AUYes£10$16€12
19625 FrancsSemeuse - The Sower42,500,000about EFYes£9$14€11
19625 FrancsSemeuse - The Sower42,500,000AUYes£10$16€12
19635 FrancsSemeuse - The Sower37,936,000about EFYes£9$14€11
19635 FrancsSemeuse - The Sower37,936,000AUYes£10$16€12
19645 FrancsSemeuse - The Sower32,378,000about EFYes£9$14€11
19645 FrancsSemeuse - The Sower32,378,000AUYes£10$16€12
19655 FrancsSemeuse - The Sower5,156,000about EFYes£9$14€11
19655 FrancsSemeuse - The Sower5,156,000AUYes£12$18€14.50
19665 FrancsSemeuse - The Sower5,017,000about EFYes£9$14€11
19665 FrancsSemeuse - The Sower5,017,000AUYes£12$18€14.50
19675 FrancsSemeuse - The Sower502,000about EFAsk£Ask$AskAsk
19675 FrancsSemeuse - The Sower502,000AUAsk£Ask$AskAsk
19685 FrancsSemeuse - The Sower557,000about EFAsk£Ask$AskAsk
19685 FrancsSemeuse - The Sower557,000AUAsk£Ask$AskAsk
19695 FrancsSemeuse - The Sower504,000about EFAsk£Ask$AskAsk
19695 FrancsSemeuse - The Sower504,000AUAsk£Ask$AskAsk

Notes on Table
Availability = Availability from Stock
Please note all prices are subject to fluctuation.
KM# = Catalogue number in Krause Standard Catalogue of World Coins 1901 - Present

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