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Loose Gemstones
Loose Gemstones

Gemstone Jewellery
We do sell gemstone jewellery, and created this page in 1998 when we originally designed our website, fully intending to add some photos and listings of some of our non-diamond jewellery. However, like many other good intentions, it didn't happen the way we envisaged things. We got so busy just trying to keep up with demand and orders on those parts of our website which we have already created, that we never got time to add this section. Some day in the future, we may get around to adding some content to this part of our site, until then, either be patient, or call in and visit us.

Well...ten years later, and we have finally got round to adding some gemstone jewellery to this page. Not as much as we would like - but it's a start!

PhotoStock Ref #Description
Pink Sapphire and White Diamond Three Stone Ringf4946Pink Sapphire and White Diamond Three Stone Ring
Amethyst Dress Ring with Diamond Set ShouldersVariousAmethyst Dress Rings
Emerald and Diamond Dress RingVariousEmerald and Diamond Rings
Fancy Second Hand Dress Ring in 14ct Gold4735Green Garnet Cocktail Ring in 14ct Gold
Second Hand Opal Dress Ring4811Opal Dress Ring
Ruby and Diamond Dress RingVariousRuby and Diamond Rings
Sapphire and Diamond Dress RingVariousSapphire and Diamond Rings
Topaz Dress Ring with Diamond Set ShouldersVariousTopaz Dress Rings
Second Hand Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Cluster4703Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Cluster
Jade Pendants
 Jade Pendants

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