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Portrait of Geta on a Silver Denarius
Portrait of Geta on a Silver Denarius
VICTORIA BRIT on Reverse of Geta Silver Denarius
VICTORIAE BRIT on Reverse of Geta Silver Denarius
AD 209 - 212
Geta was the second son of the Emperor Septimius Severus, and his wife Julia Domna, his elder brother being Caracalla. Geta was created Caesar at the same time as Caracalla was created Augustus, and the intention of their father was they they would rule jointly as his successors. Caracalla failed to agree with this eminently reasonable arrangement, and in the tradition of the times, had Geta murdered in 212, along with about 20,000 of Geta's supporters according to contemporary reports.
Geta took part in a British expedition which began in 208, was raised to Augustus in 209 during the campaign. The denarius we feature mentions Britain on both its obverse and reverse.

Bearded and laureate portrait of Geta facing right, with the legend P SEPT GETA PIUS AUG BRIT.

The reverse type is a barely draped male Victory facing left, holding a laurel wreath in his right hand, and what looks like a branch in his left arm. The reverse legend is VICTORIAE BRIT, Victory over the Brits.

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